Bayik: Our people must start resistance everywhere

In a video message to activists of the Kurdish hunger strike campaign, KCK’s Cemil Bayik said: “Just as our people led an uprising during the period of conspiracy against Ocalan, today the same resistance must be shown with the same spirit."

In a video message to the activists of the Kurdish hunger strike campaign, initiated by DTK co-chair and HDP deputy Leyla Güven for the end of isolation of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, KCK Executive Council Co-president Cemil Bayık noted that a historic action has been started under the slogan “break the isolation, smash fascism and free Kurdistan”.

Bayik remarked that the hunger strike resistance is growing day by day, saying, "The message of the activists is clear: 'No matter the price, our action will continue until we reach our goal.”

“The action was first initiated by Leyla Güven. She was first to see the threat to Leader Apo, and to the Kurdish people and forces of democracy, freedom and socialism in the person of Leader Apo, and adopted an attitude against isolation and annihilation policy. The action led by Leyla Güven spread to the prisons of Turkey and Kurdistan, to all parts of Kurdistan and abroad.

I greet Leyla Güven, Nasır Yağız, Şiyar Xelil, Hüseyin Yıldız, İlhan Şiş, Yusuf İba, Mustafa Tuzak, the prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan jails, and all the activists in Strasbourg, Sulaymaniyah, Hewler, Maxmur, Shengal, Rojava, Rojhilat and wherever these actions are taking place.

You are leading a historic resistance and writing history, not only for the Kurdish people, but for the whole of humanity. This action started under the leadership of Leyla Güven, unfolds into a consciousness and an uprising in all parts of Kurdistan and abroad, which flourishes with every day and has great effects.

The reality of a genocidal State that is built on occupation, exploitation and extermination of the Kurds, is becoming ever clearer to the Kurds. The fact that the Turkish state is an enemy of the Kurds and seeks to eliminate the Kurds and everything pertaining to Kurdistan, is perceived better by our people who consequently stand up for resistance.

Your action is also better understood in the international arena every day and makes the reality of fascist, colonialist Turkish state more visible. As a result, reactions to the fascist government (of Turkey) become even clearer.

The hunger strike resistance demonstrates the legitimacy of the Kurdish struggle for freedom and democracy. This leads the friends of the Kurdish people to support the hunger strikers.

AKP/MHP government resorts to dirty plans

The Turkish state and its fascist AKP/MHP government are being exposed even more every day. In order to free themselves from this situation, new scenarios are developed, with which our people are intended to be deceived. At this moment too, a plan is being pursued to achieve results. The AKP/MHP and the Turkish state should know that such plans will not achieve results.

The only thing that needs to be done is to accept the demands of Leyla Güven and the hunger strikers and to sit down at table with Chairman Apo and the activists.

Wherever you may be, the uprising should be strengthened everywhere. Just as our people went to rebellion, resisted, and made sacrifices during the period of conspiracy against our leader, today the resistance must arise from the same spirit. Only then will these actions achieve their goals.”