Bayık: PUK must not accept foreign forces’ blackmail

Speaking on the closure of Tevgera Azadî offices, Cemil Bayık said the PUK must rectify its action.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık stressed that the decision on [the closure of] Tevgera Azadî [offices in South Kurdistan] damaged all Kurds including PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) and warned the PUK not to fall into the trap of Turkish colonialism carried out behind the Kurds.

Cemil Bayık was answering to journalist Esra Mikyaz in the “Ülkeden Özel” program on Medya Haber TV.

Speaking about the closure of Tevgera Azadî offices in South Kurdistan, Bayık said that Turkey's Consul General in Erbil, Hakan Karaçay, had targeted Tevgera Azadî in a speech. Which explains the decision to close the offices which followed.

Bayık noted that is not difficult to see that Kurds are considered as the main enemy by the Turkish Republic.

“Turkey - said Bayık - wants to eliminate anything which has to do with Kurdishness. That’s why it is targeting Bakur (North), Rojhilat (East), Rojava (West) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan. And it does so openly.”

Bayık added: “No matter where you look at, whether at any part of Kurdistan or at Kurds abroad, you see that the Turkish state considers Kurds as the main enemies. They know that the interests of the Kurdish people are represented by leader Apo (Öcalan) and the PKK.”

Following the decision taken by the United States to put a bounty on three senior figures of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Bayık said that on 27 November, the anniversary of the foundation of the PKK, the PUK took its decision about Tevgera Azadî.

“This decision - said the KCK executive - perhaps is not the decision of the PUK. It may well be a decision taken by various powers, but it is implemented by the PUK. The forces behind this decision do not actually serve the PUK.”

Bayık added that although the decision “appears to be directed at the Kurdish Freedom Movement, it is essentially a decision against the PUK. The aim is to weaken the PUK which is why they have to be careful.”

In fact, said Bayık, with this move, the forces behind it are “hoping to kill two birds with one stone. They are hoping to put the PKK and the PUK against each other.”

Bayık insisted that it is essential to develop the national unity and democratic relations, especially considering the process the Kurds and the Middle East are going through.

“The PUK - he underlined - has gained a lot of respect from Kurds with the national attitude it has pursued in recent years.” He said that however, PUK’s decision against Tevgera Azadi goes against its historical reality, traditions and goals.

Bayık ended his remarks by reiterating that the PUK should not fall into the trap laid by forces pursuing their own interests at the expense of Kurds.

“Tevgera Azadî - said the KNK executive - no matter the shortcomings it can have, is a Kurdish party and it is not for the PUK to take on the role of closing down or putting obstacle to a Kurdish party, as other forces would like. There is a need for the PUK to rectify its decision to close down Tevgera Azadî offices.”