Bedran Çiya Kurd: Turkey is a threat to the region and the world

Bedran Çiya Kurd spoke with ANF about the new attacks in Turkey, the movements on the Rojava border made by the KDP and the discussions with the ENKS.

After the meetings between the ENKS (Syria’s Kurdish National Council) and the PYNK (Kurdish National Unity Parties), North and East Syrian Democratic Autonomous Administration deputy co-chair, Bedran Çiya Kurd, evaluated the desire of ENKS to participate in the autonomous administration before the elections and the discussions developing in this direction and said: "The involvement in the administration will depends on the development of democratic and principled elections and the results each component will achieve in the elections. As administration, we can discuss some issues before the elections in order to support the success of the negotiations. If the Kurdish High Authority establishes a committee to discuss these issues with the autonomous administration, we can evaluate them. But we cannot say how the ENKS will take part in the autonomous administration, how heavy will be its participation now. These are topics up for discussion."

There are new military posts being built on the border between South Kurdistan and Rojava, as well as trenches being built on Dirbesiye border. There are talks of a new attack against the people of Rojava. What do you think about this, and in particular, why is the KDP appearing to besiege the Rojava border?

All these movements and digging have taken place after the visit of Nechirvan Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Administration, to Ankara.

This visit happened suddenly and at an inappropriate time. It gave way to many questions. At the same time Turkey is attacking the Medya Defense Areas, civilians in South Kurdistan and North East Syria are being killed, Shengal was threatened. All this, while a process in which Kurdish alliance talks were being held in our region.

Everyone asks, ‘Why was this visit made during such a process and what will be the consequences?’ Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said: ‘We agreed with Nechirvan Barzani to carry out a joint struggle against the PKK.’ But the KDP did not say a word. While the people of the South, their parties, even Baghdad reacted to the Turkish state's attacks against Southe Kurdistan and the PKK, there was no reaction from the KDP. On the contrary, it always justifies the attacks using the same argument Turkey uses, that the PKK is the cause of the conflict there.

This policy and attitude do not serve the interests of the people of Kurdistan and the Kurdish parties. It is impossible to accept the support provided to the Turkish genocide of Kurds by the KDP government. The KDP may have some interest and some cooperation with Turkey. But this cannot be done sacrificing the interests of the Kurdish people and Kurdish national interests. The interests of the Kurdish people must be protected.

So yes, there are questions and concerns after this visit as to whether the KDP will indeed support Turkey should there be a new attack against Rojava or Shengal.

The KDP should clarify its position

The KDP should clarify its position as soon as possible. First, it should make a statement about this movement on the Rojava border and this new military outposts being built. We hope that no Kurd will attack the interests of the Kurdish people, nor making agreements with Kurdish enemies. Because we know that the strongest Rojava is the strongest South Kurdistan is and vice versa. In fact, the future of all parts of Kurdistan is interconnected. You can't separate one from the other. Therefore, all relationships should be developed in line with this reality.

Everyone knows that the Turkish state's threats of occupation continue. As long as this mentality does not change, the threats against the Kurdish people will continue. Our people face the politics of genocide every day in the North, South and Rojava. Today, the Turkish state's invasion attacks on the Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Areas are on the agenda, and even the names of some regions are mentioned.

We would like to say the following: We must always calculate the threat and possible attacks of the Turkish state. Because we have no compromise or alliance with the Turkish state. Whenever it gets the opportunity, it will attack if it feels the ground is ready. Because its purpose is to destroy our achievements and to expose our people to genocide. As our people know, we are facing a ruthless enemy and we should be prepared.

Turkey has occupied Afrin with the agreement of Russia, and Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî with the agreement of the US. Do these powers have any stance on the possibility of a new Turkish invasion?

Of course, making the new attack is not only related to Turkey, the political process, depends also on Russia and the US approach. If there is a compromise, an agreement, a new attack may develop.

In our dialogues with the international forces currently in North and East Syria, they all say, ‘We will not allow a new attack. We do not want such an attack.’ America says, ‘We do not want to repeat a situation like in Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê.’ Russia says, ‘We do not want what happened in Afrin to be repeated.’

These are what we have been told, but they certainly have intelligence, political and security relations. We have to calculate that these countries can make different agreements and plans for their own interests behind closed doors. We cannot say that there won’t be a new attack by just trusting these words. We are trying to prevent Turkey's new attack in all our diplomatic work, but we are always ready for any possible attack.

Today, all of Turkey, has become a threat to world security and stability. We had said this to the whole world. It turned out that what we said is true. Now it is not only us but also the European Union, NATO countries, Arab countries and Caucasian countries that see this danger. The United Nations a few days ago said in its Human Rights session that Turkey had played a bad role. From India to the EU, everyone criticized the role played by Turkey in the region.

Kurdish alliance talks continue between ENKS and PYNK. A decision was made to establish a Kurdish High Authority. PYD Presidential Council member Aldar Xelil said in a statement that the PYNK is ready to share its duties in the democratic autonomous administration with ENKS members. What do you think about this issue as Autonomous Administration?

The dialogue has reached a certain level. Despite the difficulties, many steps have been taken. In the general framework, a compromise was made for the establishment of the Kurdish High Authority. It will be announced in the coming days. There are some issues left, one of them is how the ENKS will join the administration. Again, there are many topics to discuss. We believe that a committee will be formed in the Kurdish High Authority and these issues will be discussed with the autonomous administration.

So how can the ENKS be involved in autonomous administration?

As Administration, we say this: the most appropriate method to be involved in the administration is through elections. If there is consensus on this, then an election date should be determined and everyone should prepare for the election. It is a democratic right, a democratic method for everyone to participate in the elections and to take part in the administration according to the results they get. But let's also say this again. We can discuss some issues before the elections in order to empower and ensure the success of this dialogue and work between Kurds.

But how will ENKS take place in the administration, in which institutions, in which percentage, we clearly cannot say. Because these are all issues that need to be discussed and agreed with the Autonomous Administration.

Again, apart from the administration, military and security issues are also discussed in the negotiations for an alliance among Kurds. The Kurdish High Authority needs to establish a committee and discuss these issues with the YPG and YPJ. They are the subject of the debate, of course within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). We expect the ENKS delegation to return from South Kurdistan to announce the issues they have agreed with the PYNK and to establish their committees in the High Kurdish Authority for us to discuss.

You said that the Turkish state threatens your areas, and if it finds suitable ground, it can launch an attack. Turkey has occupied several areas in Syria. The Autonomous Administration has always been based on the territorial integrity of Syria. Nevertheless, how do you evaluate Damascus Foreign Minister Walid Muallim when he accused the SDF and the Autonomous Administration of being hostile to the unity and people of Syria in the speech he gave at the UN General Assembly?

Currently, the regime's approach to the political solution process in Syria, especially towards the Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria, is very bad. Everyone followed the assessments of Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallim at the UN meeting.

Once again he attacked the Autonomous Administration and SDF in a way that clearly don’t serve solution and dialogue. The BAAS regime should make good use of truth and reality. It should see well how it actually harms Syria with this approach and leaving the Syrian peoples face to face with massacre. If it does not confront its own reality and blames our administration this is actually to mislead people on the truth.

They come out every two days with statement about how the Autonomous Administration has a plan to break up Syria. The main BAAS regime mentality is what causes Syria to break up. It should say who really is tearing Syria apart on the ground. Turkey and the mercenaries have occupied areas of northern Syria; they have transformed them into a part of Turkey.

Turkey-occupied areas are governed with a Turkish system

Currently, Turkey-occupied areas are governed whit a Turkish system. In these areas, there is a system that Turkish intelligence has established based on the culture, language, money and institutionalization of the Turkish state. Everything is organized by Turkey.

The regime should really see who is threatening Syria's territorial integrity and who is tearing Syria apart. But if instead of blaming Turkey and the mercenaries, it continues to blame the Autonomous Administration and the SDF, thus opening the way to a new Turkish invasion.

They spread propaganda lies such as that the SDF have killed and kidnapped some people in Arab areas such as Deir ez-Zor. Actually, there is no need to interpret this much. Because there are many proofs and evidences that this news is false and made up. Many secret cells and persons were caught. They said they were loyal to the regime, they murdered some people, and that there were many people like them working for the regime to cause chaos in our regions.

Lies are exposed

It was the same Walid Muallim, who called on the people of Deir Ez-zor to rebel against the Autonomous Administration and the coalition saying ‘Revolt against the Kurds, we are with you’. This is a very clear statement to create strife and chaos in our regions. However, why does Walid Muallim not call on the people living in Bab, Idlib and Ezaz to rise up against these mercenaries and occupation forces?

The Syrian regime has no chance to return and govern the regions. A few days ago, again 2 people were killed by unknown people in Raqqa. The people of the region attacked the regime point. Because they understand that the regime is behind these events. Everything is exposed now. It will not be appropriate for Walid Muallim to continue to come out and say ‘the SDF, autonomous administration, Kurds did this and that’.

Again they say, ‘the Autonomous Administration and the SDF are stealing our oil.’ When ISIS took the oil, didn't it take away from you? Why didn't you defend it, or why didn't you make an effort to liberate the regions from ISIS? We liberated the oil fields currently in our region from ISIS and gave martyrs in doing that. Today, the income from this oil and the oil is used for the service of this region. Has the Syrian regime served this region so far? Today, the Autonomous Administration serves the region, and it does this with oil revenues. Well, when our oil fields were in the hands of the ISIS, which was selling this oil to Turkey, was the regime accusing ISIS of stealing their oil?

All this actually shows that there is a cooperation between the BAAS regime and the fascist AKP-MHP regime today. There are many secret plans. They are developing the same policy and attitude towards the Democratic Autonomous Administration regions. In this way, they want to drag our regions into chaos and hurt our people again. In Northern Syria, in our regions, they would prefer to see Front Al Nusra, ISIS or whatever except the Autonomous Administration and the SDF. They want Kurds, Assyrians and Arabs to have no rights.

For this reason, they are making black propaganda, which everybody knows is a lie, over and over again in order to obscure the truth as long as they can. But our people are aware of everything, and stand by the Autonomous Administration and the SDF.