Besê Hozat: Rojava sets a wrong agenda

“For a revolutionary popular war, it is not enough for the SDF to fight and for everyone else to help them a little bit. The time for demonstrations is over. This form of action is not what Rojava needs now,” says Besê Hozat of the KCK.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council co-chair Besê Hozat spoke in detail about current developments in Kurdistan in a special program on Stêrk TV. We publish a small excerpt, which deals with the international talks about a solution in the Syrian conflict and the agenda in Rojava:

The talks in Geneva and Astana are theater. From time to time people come together to allegedly discuss a solution to the Syrian question. In reality these meetings have nothing to do with a solution for Syria. They are pure show and only serve to gain time. They are trying to impose a new design on Syria and the Middle East. Of course that takes time. To deceive the public, show events are taking place in Astana and Geneva. The forces involved have no legitimacy. Jihadists have been sent to Geneva. In Syria, they cause massacres and rape women every day. These people have been gathered together and brought to Geneva, with whom a solution for Syria is to be developed. What could such a solution look like? What kind of solution should be developed with the ISIS and al-Nusra? The forces invited to Geneva are remnants of ISIS and al-Nusra. They have been organized for this purpose, wear civilian clothes and have put on a tie. It is pure theater and the roles are fixed.

In this context I also criticize the administration of Rojava. It takes this theater very seriously and constantly talks about Geneva. What is there in Geneva? Nothing except a show with gangs. Actually, the jihadists are supposed to be given a legitimate image in this way. So what could the administration of Rojava, the autonomous administration of North and East Syria in Geneva discuss with these gangs? These mercenaries are involved every day in rape, pillage, occupation and genocide in Northeast Syria. They are gangs. One must not let himself be instrumentalized by them. The Geneva talks are greatly exaggerated. The same applies to Astana. These are all games of the US and Russia. And in this chaos the war continues. In this war, Syria is wanted to be given a new design according to their interests, and that requires time. In this way the people are deceived.

Instead, the administration of Northern and Eastern Syria should strengthen its own system, increase the defense forces, wage a revolutionary popular war, liberate the occupied territories and prepare for a great war. The Turkish state will not stop there. It wants to occupy all of Rojava and destroy all achievements. Tomorrow it will want to attack Kobanê, Dêrik and other cities in Rojava. For this reason, our people must fight in the spirit of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). For a revolutionary popular war, it is not enough for the SDF to fight and everyone else to help them a little bit. The time of demonstrations is over. This form of action is not what Rojava needs now. What must be done in Rojava now? Kurdish men and women, young and old, must arm themselves and stand at the side of the armed forces.

Nobody should leave his country, his village, his city and nobody should just wait and see. This is a revolutionary popular war. In Vietnam, fascism was stopped in this way, and revolutions were made in this way in Africa, as well as the Soviet revolution. And in all these revolutions millions of people have fallen. Sacrifices have been made. Not thousands but millions fell to gain a future. At least the new generation should live freely. In every century there is only massacre and slavery, it is enough. Our people must prepare themselves in this way. You look at Geneva, Astana, the US, but what are you doing yourselves? Those in power are pursuing only their own interests anyway but what about you, what do you do?

The Turkish state wants to eliminate the Kurds with the support of foreign powers. So what is important is what we ourselves do. Our people must do something for themselves. They must focus their motivation and attention on it. That is what matters. Ronahî TV now only reports about Geneva. That is wrong. The Turkish state has long turned off the water in Hesekê. There is no water and no electricity. The supply has been cut off so that the people give up and leave their land. They want to de-Kurdify Rojava. This is part of the Turkish genocide policy.

Ronahî TV also sometimes reports that the population criticizes the autonomous administration saying that it does not provide water and electricity. But you are at war, it is war! You are under occupation attack. The Turkish state has occupied your country, your homeland. You have to criticize the Autonomous Administration in a different way, you have to say: Come, organize me against the Turkish occupation. You must ask how and in which area you can fight against it and what has to be done to get electricity and water again and to drive the Turkish state out of the country. You have to think about it, the autonomous administration has to be motivated in this direction.

The population is also setting itself a wrong agenda. I criticize both the people and the administration. In my opinion there is a wrong agenda in Rojava. There are occupied areas, you have the Turkish state right under your nose, every day there are UAV and UCAV attacks and massacres. In contrast, the people of Rojava must put the revolutionary popular war on their agenda. The current topic should be what can be done against the occupiers. I think that is important.