Child killings and the interests of the AKP government

The AKP government uses reports of child and women killings in Turkey to enforce the death penalty. However, the possible reintroduction of the death penalty is directed against those whom the state sees as a danger to itself.

For a while, there have been repeated attacks on tourists in Turkey, targeting women in particular. Again and again, women were raped and then murdered. The press dealt with the murders in its headlines and the media played a crucial role in conveying the messages the ruling power, which they serve, wanted to give.

One of the women who was murdered in that process became known as the "Peace Bride". First, it was reported on television about the disappearance of Pippa Bacca, then her body was found on 31 March 2008 in the Gebze-Tavşanlı region which was particularly affected by murders by the counter-guerrilla forces.

In the following years, there was a similar murder in Istanbul. This time the killer left Istanbul after the murder, went to Syria and joined a militia organized by Turkey. Due to strong public reactions in Turkey and around the world, the Turkish state was finally forced to take him back to Turkey and have him arrested. This raised questions. In particular, the question of whether there was any connection between the killer and the Turkish intelligence service MIT was put forward for good reason. Because after the killing the murderer joined a militia founded by MIT in Syria and thus eluded first the prosecution. Concerning the recently disappeared and murdered girls, similar questions arise.

Undoubtedly, such terrible murders also take place by individuals in society. In Turkey as well as in other countries such murders and perpetrators come to the agenda. Such murders can only be committed by people who have completely deteriorated mentally. However, the question of whether or not the people committing such murders are used by others is open. Time and again we have seen how such people have been used by intelligence services and militias.

It is noticeable that similar issues are playing a role in the recent killing of children in Turkey. There are always children disappearing, all about the same age. They are sexually abused and then cruelly murdered. The crimes take place not only in one province of Turkey, but in several regions almost simultaneously.

Already before the elections on June 24, the "disappearance" of children began to upset society. When the bodies were found after the elections, the social climate reached a boiling point and the state began to use this mood intensely in its interest, in order to introduce the death penalty in Turkey as soon as possible.

It is publicly known who the fascist AKP/MHP fascist clique actually wants to punish: namely, revolutionary and democratic circles, those whom the state sees as a danger to itself. Otherwise, the question of the execution of rapists, murderers and enemies of the population would not be asked at all. Because if that were the case, then the AKP/MHP would stay away from gang leaders like Alaattin Çakıcı, Sedat Peker and others. Erdoğan and Bahçeli, however, have had a close relationship with these mafia bosses for over 40 years.

Of course, the reaction of the population to the murders of girls is not to be equated with the reactions of the fascist AKP/MHP clique. That society opposing such a thing is right and necessary. Society has to show the strongest reaction against these killers. Nobody can contradict that. But it is just as necessary to prevent the government from reaching the state's dirty goals by using the child murders as a pretext.

The AKP/MHP clique tries to use the murders of the girls in this sense. This again brings with it the questions that have already been raised in the murder of women. To what extent is the secret service of the Turkish state related to the crimes?