Commentary: US and Turkey aim to destroy the PKK

If the conflict between the KDP and the HPG cannot be settled peacefully and turns into an all-out war, the HPG will suffer damage. However, the real damage will be borne by the KDP.

The administration of US President Biden will open a "new Cold War" against Russia and China in the name of global capitalism. At the upcoming NATO summit, such measures will be discussed to prevent Chinese and Russian capitalism from prevailing against Western capitalism and seizing world hegemony.

"Active Neutrality" in the New Cold War

To say it right up front: This "new Cold War" cannot be lumped together with the "old Cold War" against the Soviet Union. The old Cold War was a war between imperialist states with the aim of bringing about the collapse of the socialist states. The new Cold War will be a war between global giants and nuclear powers. No matter who starts the Cold War, there is no party we can support or oppose in this war. The character of the Cold War is imperialist rivalry between states seeking to dominate world markets. Democratic forces should take a position of active neutrality, that is, the "Third Way." "Passive neutrality" means watching while others fight. "Active neutrality" means using the contradictions between the conflicting parties to defend humanity, oppressed peoples, women and ecological life.

Erdoğan ready to make any concession for destruction of Kurdistan and PKK

At the NATO summit, the Biden administration will sit at the table to be able to unite its allies in this war. Meanwhile, Erdoğan will be concerned with securing his own power in exchange for his participation in the "new Cold War" and re-cementing the post-World War I status quo in all four parts of Kurdistan. Apart from these two points, he will be ready to make any concession NATO demands of him.

Erdoğan regime has become useless for NATO

However, the Erdoğan regime has increasingly become a "useless" instrument for NATO. The new Cold War will initially be a major ideological propaganda war. The Biden administration will accuse Russia and China of violating "human rights." Unlike the "old Cold War," China and Russia today do not have strong friends and there is no strong peace movement in the West. If we look at the situation of the Soviet Union in the old Cold War that started right after WW2, the communist parties and the peace movement in the West played an important role. In contrast, communism was the main target of the imperialist front led by the United States and Britain, for which reason all fascist dictatorships worldwide stood on the side of the US which was supporting them to the best of its ability.

This is not the case today. There is no composite today like the hope for "communism", which would have the power to unite "democracies and fascism" on the same front. In the new Cold War, to be waged under the slogan of "human rights and democracy", the Turkish state, finally exposed by the current "Pekergate" scandal, has become a "useless" instrument. This means that the precondition for using the Turkish state as a tool in the Cold War is an end to the Erdoğan era. Erdoğan cannot come up again. He cannot even say a word in the ideological propaganda war against Russia and China.

Turkey no longer has enough to offer

As I said, Erdoğan's demand for his power not to be disturbed is no longer of interest. Therefore, he can no longer expect stabilization of his position in return for concessions, and the second demand is also invalid. Turkey no longer has enough to offer to make an impression to offer anything for the guarantee of the restoration of the status quo after World War II. The United States and the West cannot succeed in the Cold War against Russia without existence in Kurdistan "based on the destruction of the PKK." It is necessary to look at the current developments from this perspective.

Erdoğan will put the common interest of the "four countries", Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria in a "Middle East without Kurdistan" on the table at the NATO summit. He will also try to use the US policy of "crushing the PKK and having a presence in Kurdistan." The difference between the United States and Turkey, however, is in their goals. The United States wants a "Kurdistan without PKK" and Turkey wants a "Middle East without Kurdistan." The common interest is the destruction of the PKK.

The attitude of the South Kurdistan government

The HPG's territorial command for the Metîna and Xabûr regions issued a very significant statement in this regard. The guerrillas warned of dangerous consequences of the KDP's actions against them. The statement said, "The actions that the KDP is taking at this important time represent a very dangerous initiative that could lead to a deep conflict between Kurdish forces. Such a thing would represent a great harm to all Kurds and their national cause."

The Erdoğan regime is waiting for the culmination of the Cold War to achieve its goal of imposing a Middle East without Kurdistan. The steps the regime has taken to transform the Turkish war against the PKK in southern Kurdistan into an inter-Kurdish war are paying off in this regard. The HPG statement warns against this danger.

A status like that of Saddam's time is imminent

If the conflict between the KDP and the HPG cannot be settled peacefully and turns into an all-out war, the Iraqi central government will not hesitate to intervene. In this war, the HPG will suffer damage, but the real damage will be borne by the KDP. It will be weakened and will certainly give the Iraqi forces the opportunity to intervene. Even if Iran and Syria do not intervene immediately, South Kurdistan will come under pressure between Turkey and the Iraqi state, and Hewlêr (Erbil) will be gone as it happened with Kirkuk and Mosul. That means the status of the Saddam period will return. In such a case, Rojava will also be vulnerable, and a "Rojava without PKK" will be created. At the same time, the US military will maintain its presence in devastated South Kurdistan.

This is the result that the Turkish state wants to achieve with its complete submission to the United States. The courageous resistance of the guerrillas in South Kurdistan is a struggle for the Kurdish people. It is about gaining the status it deserves in all four parts of Kurdistan. It must now be about turning the KDP away from its suicidal attitude and liberating the area together in friendship and brotherhood between HPG and Peshmerga.

And what is the situation inside Turkey? The opposition is still talking about "parliamentary" work against the fascist coup regime. Once Erdoğan and his accomplices are forced to resign, the regime will collapse. Democracy and peace will come after early elections.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika