Conspiracies and plots as a form of governance

The Erdoğan-Bahçeli administration has been waging an unremitting war against Kurds for years and intensified their attacks on South Kurdistan recently. Parallel to this, they want to collapse the legal Kurdish political movement with conspiracy cases.

The Kobanî conspiracy trial was concluded on 16 May. It is no secret that the verdict is entirely political and has nothing to do with the law. HDP co-chairs and executives have not been involved in any armed and secretive work. All their activities and statements are open to the public. Those who filed this lawsuit have also admitted this in some way. If the fascist duo of Erdoğan and Bahçeli knew that HDP executives had committed a crime, they would not have waited for years to file a lawsuit. They would have immediately started investigations and filed lawsuits when the demonstrations for Kobanî were organised.

This case was put on the agenda according to the "Decomposition Action Plan" concept. They seized the municipalities won by the HDP for two terms by the force of the state. These decisions have nothing to do with the law. The trustee system was put into effect completely on Erdoğan's orders. Erdoğan once said "I will not let the elected oppress the appointed". He was also propagandising that he was against the tutelage system, but now he has taken a turn for much worse than them. He is so blinded that he will not implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court and the ECtHR. He is introducing a more crude and brutal form of the tutelary regime for the whole world to see. He gives instructions to the courts and other institutions of the state, terrorising and militarising society.

The government is spending billions of dollars in its war against the Kurds. The economy is at rock bottom. They left no stone unturned to get money flowing. Now they are announcing "Savings Packages" as if mocking the society. It is stated that a saving of one hundred billion is aimed with these packages. The budget of the Ministry of National Defence is one trillion three hundred billion liras. It is clear that Turkey's budget is also militarised. If they reduced the budget of the Ministry of National Defence to one trillion, there would be no need for these austerity tricks. The measures taken will do nothing but tighten the belts of the people and labourers and increase poverty and unemployment. The government and those close to it are grabbing billions of dollars. The mafia, gangs and the administration are all intertwined.

Erdoğan brags that he has neutralised more than 40 thousand "terrorists" since 2015. These terrorists are not people from outer space. They are the most enlightened and valuable sons and daughters of the Kurdish people. They are after rights, law and freedom. They are not working to get tenders, to fill Euros and dollars into shoe boxes. They do not set up foundations for themselves and their relatives and collect millions of dollars. Erdoğan and his cohorts have mastered the art of stealing and have become world-famous in this regard!

The Erdoğan-Bahçeli administration has been waging an unremitting war against the Kurds for years. More Kurdish intellectuals, politicians, deputies and mayors were imprisoned than during the 12 September junta period. It has intensified its attacks on South Kurdistan (North Iraq) these days. They started to concentrate on chemical and banned weapons. They say they will take South Kurdistan and Rojava under their control this year. For this, they held talks with Iraq for months. They turned the KDP into a pillar of this war. But they have not been able to involve the other parties of South Kurdistan in this war so far. It seems that the Iraqis will not participate at the level they want. That is why they concentrated on chemical weapons and air strikes. In parallel to this, they want to destroy the democratic and legal Kurdish political movement with conspiracy cases such as Kobanî.

The Gezi trial, stripping Can Atalay of his MP status and the non-implementation of the ECtHR judgements cannot be considered outside these plans seeking to intimidate and liquidate the opposition. There is no reason for Osman Kavala to be imprisoned. Moreover, the Constitutional Court took a decision for Can Atalay. But Erdoğan did not recognise this decision. He also ignored the ECtHR judgement for Kavala. It should not be overlooked that there is a fascist mob at work, trying to protect its power by setting up conspiracies and plots against Kurds and democratic circles.

The government is responsible for the security of life and property of its citizens. The oaths they take and the laws they enact are in this direction. However, the government itself sets traps and conspiracies against its citizens. It accuses them with unlawful ways and methods and puts them in prisons. It bombs mountains and stones. It propagandises how determined and successful it is by killing tens of thousands. In such a country, there is no right and law. Theft and injustice do not end. There is no end to plots and conspiracies. In this respect, the peoples of Turkey and the forces of democracy must raise their voices louder against this lawless, tyrannical power and not recognise these lawsuits and their decisions, which have no legitimacy.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika