De Majo: Öcalan's paradigms should be taught in schools to future generations

Italian politician and academic Eleonora de Majo said that Abdullah Öcalan is of great value to humanity and added: "Öcalan's paradigms should be taught in schools for future generations."

While Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's Imrali captivity is completing its 25th year, there has been no news from him for 36 months. In a condition of incommunicado, Abdullah Öcalan's right to see a lawyer and his family has been completely usurped. On the other hand, in the face of all these unlawful practices and the silence of international institutions, support from different social segments continues to come to the "Freedom for Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish question" initiative launched globally on 10 October 2023.

Eleonora de Majo, Member of the City Council of the Italian city of Naples, and an academic at the University of Palermo, spoke to ANF about the importance of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms and the unlawful situation in Imrali.

'Isolation is an inhumane practice'

Eleonora de Majo said: "Öcalan's captivity conditions are inhumane and anti-democratic. That's why we all support the international campaign for his freedom. For example, we gave honorary citizenship to Öcalan in Naples 9 years ago."

'Öcalan is an important value for humanity'

Referring to the importance of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms, de Majo said: "We should see Abdullah Öcalan not only as the leader of the Kurdish people, but also as a great value for humanity. Öcalan's ideas inspire social movements all over the world. For example, feminist, ecological and democratic movements are based on Öcalan's paradigms. The development of Öcalan's ecological ideas is very important, especially for new generations. We are trying to implement these ideas in our own cities."

'We are bringing Öcalan's paradigm to life'

De Majo added: "What we are doing and trying to do is an effort to take the Democratic Confederalism model as an example everywhere, especially in Europe. We are trying to implement this in all our institutions and organizations. I study this model as a social model."

'Öcalan should be taught in schools'

De Majo said that "Öcalan's ideas are very important, especially for future generations. Therefore, the most important way to spread these powerful ideas would be to teach these ideas in schools. People may have information about Öcalan, but the important thing is to teach his ideas. For the future, we must succeed in explaining Öcalan's Democratic Confederalism paradigm to younger generations."