Dismantling myths, Ferda Çetin

Nowadays, there is another epidemic as widespread as COVID-19, it is a more dangerous one, it is the conflict and tension threatening Southern Kurdistan, Rojava and Shengal. It is the intellectual infection!

There are many diseases that make thinking and decision-making difficult and prevent healthy thinking. While some of these diseases are related to human physiology, most of them are invented and induced disorders.

It is the most common of these ailments that make us anxious and uncomfortable, ignoring what we see with our eyes and trying to fill them with our emotions and desires instead.

Intellectual breakdown leads to postponement of taking measures and attitudes in the face of problems. The next stage of this "mental corruption", which prevents taking attitude and precaution against evil and danger, is inevitably anxiety disruption.

It is clear that this disease, which prevents us from seeing what is happening in South Kurdistan, Rojava, and Shengal, is a joint product of Washington-Ankara-Hewler.


To pretend that you do not see or know the Turkish Republic-KDP alliance established for the purpose of eliminating the PKK; To see the complete re-occupation of South Kurdistan by the Turkish army, with the help and support of the KDP, as an excusable minor flaw; Not taking an attitude towards it is a state of distortion and a distortion of the idea.

The Turkish state, within the framework of the agreements it made with the KDP administration, is invading the territory of South Kurdistan completely; To blame those who put forward their life for the freedom of Kurdistan, instead of opposing this cooperation and occupation, although the occupiers have established more than 40 bases, police stations, helicopter-drones-armed drones runways, and listening-observation stations; Saying that “PKK and HPG guerrillas should leave the South Kurdistan territory” is a suggestion that no person with a sense of shame and decency could actually make.

Under these conditions, the demand for "unity between Kurds should be established", expressed by a wide audience, is an empty and vague demand invented to hide and conceal the betrayal and cooperation of the KDP. Because national unity is established against enemies.

The KDP cannot unite with the Turkish Republic and the PKK at the same time. In order for the KDP to establish a national unity with the PKK or the PYD, it must first eliminate its existing relations with the anti-Kurdish Turkish state and government.

It may be normal and usual for them to see Kurdistan as their own private property, as they main business is to save real estate, wealth and dollars, and for merchants to make all kinds of savings. But every individual who has good ideas and thoughts said, “Kurdistan is not the private property of anyone, it cannot be shared between parties. Every Kurd, every party, every organization can operate in all parts.”

"Turkey would not attack Kurdistan should the PKK not exist", "Turkey has no problem with Rojava’s Kurds. If there was no PKK Turkey wouldn’t invade Rojava”: these phrases should not be forgotten or dismissed because they are part of the activities to try to assimilate the PKK by the KDP. Because these sentences are said not by ordinary people, but by the leaders of the South Kurdistan government.

Journalists Necmettin Salazar, shared some very important information in his article dated 31 August on Yeni Yasam. He mentioned David Kopley's statement: "Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government, Iraq's central government and Turkey, can work with the advisory and support of the United States and other coalition countries. As a result, places like Sinjar could be cleared of irregular armed groups, including the PKK, and a civil administration could be established that would work for the welfare of the people and be accepted by the people. We want north Iraq and Turkey to work together to solve the problems associated with the PKK presence. Observance of Iraq's sovereignty is important as it is important to recognize that the legitimate interests of Turkey's security are also important."

The US, which were not seen in the days when ISIS invaded Shengal and massacred thousands of people; The Turkish Republic, which gives all kinds of support for ISIS to kill the Kurds and still continues this; The KDP, which fled by pulling its weapons and military forces when ISIS gangs besieged Shengal...

Would the three shamelessly now work for Shengal's safety, well-being and peace? Would the people of Kurdistan, the Yazidis from Shengal and the humanity also watch this mean and despicable circus as if nothing had happened?

US elements such as James Jeffrey, Joey Hood and David Kopley are still dealt with by the Kurds, even though they plotted many conspiracies and tricks against the Kurds, and were hostile to Kurds as Bolton said. They put the same lies and tricks into practice once again.

It is important to see this great game played on Kurdistan. It is even more important not to stand by and instead join the struggle against the new division and new colonization of Kurdistan.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika