Elections are a choice between slavery and freedom

On 31 March, ballot boxes will be placed before the people all over the political geography of Turkey. Every ballot box put before the people in Kurdistan actually expresses a choice between freedom and slavery.

In a few days, the Kurds will go to the polls again. In the past, the relationship between the Kurds and the ballot box was only a formality. The system parties in Turkey and Kurdistan, the prominent wealthy families and the ballot box, which has no other function than to elect one of them!

However, despite all obstructions, fraudulent voting and interventions up to vote stealing, the people in Kurdistan have become the most fundamental dynamic of the elections through their strong struggle for democracy and the great price they have paid. The AKP/MHP fascism in Turkey is afraid of the Kurdish people, their will for freedom and their commitment to democracy. Every time the ballot boxes are put in front of the people, the Kurdish people are the main fear of fascism in Turkey.

The Kurdish people’s devotion to Leader Öcalan, despite intense pressure and the involvement of all ideological / lie-producing institutions and elements of the regime, the Kurdish people’s intense effort to reach the truth through its own media frustrates all the lie-producing institutions of the order.

The struggle of the Freedom Movement to make the people the subject of politics has been effective in Kurdistan; the parties of the order have melted, and instead of wealthy families, people's leaders who devote themselves to the struggle of their people have come to the fore.

There has been a continued struggle between the state and the Kurdish people for the last century. On every occasion, the state tries to destroy the Kurds' will for freedom, to dismantle their institutions and to break their will with all the means at its disposal.

Kurds, on the other hand, are trying to advance their struggle for existence and freedom and to strengthen their institutions despite all the oppression and persecution of the state. Kurds must insist on continuity in their quest for freedom and democracy. Some political movements have come to the fore for a period like a flash in the pan, but they have not been able to maintain their existence in continuity, and after a while they have both shrunk within themselves and lost their influence among the people.

However, despite the intense pressure on the Kurdish Freedom Movement, it has continued to reassure the people. In particular, the fact that the Kurdish People's Leader has shown the Kurdish people the right path in all historical periods by paying the greatest price himself has led to the formation of an unshakable strong bond between the Kurdish people and Leader Öcalan.

This is the issue that the AKP/MHP fascism in Turkey is most disturbed by. The regime is unable to break the bond between the Kurdish Freedom Movement, its Leader and the Kurdish people, despite all provocations. On the contrary, this bond is getting stronger day by day. Although there has been no contact with the Kurdish People's Leader for three years, there has been no decrease in the loyalty of the Kurdish people to their leader. On the contrary, it has become stronger.

Some people want to confuse the Kurdish people in order to resurrect fascism, which has almost reached the point of liquidation in Kurdistan, and to open a rent gate for themselves in the state through the system parties. They want the Kurdish people to either not go to the polls on various grounds or to make their choice for one of the system parties.

The Turkish state and its local collaborators either threaten the Kurdish people with trustees or want to turn some of the people into rangers without weapons by opening the state's rent gates to the Kurdish people. They want the Kurds’ attachment to their leader and the Freedom Movement to be weakened.

It is precisely at this point that elections are important; Kurds have not only elected mayors or deputies in all election processes until today. For the state, it is not so important who is the deputy or mayor; the state is disturbed by the ideological/paradigmatic commitment of those elected to the Freedom Movement and Leader Öcalan.

The same discomfort also exists in some circles in the region that have become politically and economically stronger with the support they have received from the state for years. They are very disturbed by the popularisation of politics; the Kurdish people's participation in the political process directly/without intermediaries disturbs these circles very much. They want to step in again and turn politics in Kurdistan into a source of rent and personal gain.

On 31 March, in the whole political geography of Turkey, ballot boxes will be placed before the people; but those ballot boxes have different meanings in the west of Turkey and in Kurdistan. Perhaps a voter in Tekirdağ or Isparta will indeed only choose the mayor and council members; but in Kurdistan, every ballot box put before the people actually expresses a choice between freedom and slavery.

In the 2024 Newroz, Kurds celebrated enthusiastically both in Kurdistan and in western Turkey and Europe. Kurds who participated in all these events did not only show their traditions, but also their commitment to their freedom and the freedom of Leader Öcalan.

The same thing should happen on 31 March; the patriotic Kurdish people who will go to the polls to vote will not only elect mayors and council members but will also show that they insist on a free Kurdistan and the physical freedom of Leader Öcalan, and that the will they put forward at this point is unbreakable.

Kurds should not look at the upcoming elections only from the perspective of "who will be the better mayor?". Such an approach will cost us all. Of course, it is important who will serve the people better, but as long as our country and our leader are not free, this should be in the second plan.

In this election, as before, we must make our choice in favour of our country and our Leader. We must not allow anyone to confuse the Kurds. For us, elections are a part of the freedom struggle that we have been waging at great cost for years. Kurds have been making their preferences in favour of a free homeland and a free leader in all elections for years, and this should also be the case in these elections.