Erdoğan’s Kurdish gangs

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan doesn’t only have gangs made up of secret soldiers brought from Eastern Turkistan and Kyrgzystan and Central Asia. He also has a secret gang of Kurds.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (RTE) doesn’t only have gangs made up of secret soldiers brought from Eastern Turkistan and Kyrgzystan and Central Asia. He also has a secret gang of Kurds. These gangs made their name when they attacked Aleppo’s Eşrefiye neighborhood in 2012. Since that day, these gangs have been emerging under different names. Most recently, these people have been seen in the plan to invade Syria named “Euphrates Shield”.

After the Rojava Revolution, a secret gang group of Kurds RTE got his hands on through some forces was formed. This gang is activated occasionally and discarded when the deed is done.

RTE chooses the men he picks, turns into gangs and discards from Azaz, Rai, Exterin, Shehba and Bab.

These people were made to form two groups named Azadi and Selahattin around Aleppo first. These groups formed in the beginning of 2012 first made their name heard by attacking the Kurdish neighborhood of Eşrifye. Then they took part in the so-called FSA in Qestel, Cindo, Tel Hemis, Tel Birak, Serekaniye and many other places and attacked Kurdish people, cities, towns and villages.


The gang groups made up of Kurds lost their influence gradually after the Jabhat Al Akrad was formed around the periphery of Aleppo and center of Shehba by the end of 2012. But RTE now invested more in the select people from these groups and formed new groups with them under different names.


As Jabhat Al Akrad grew stronger and reached an organized power around Shehba, Aleppo, Azaz, Jarablus, Manbij and Bab, these groups of Azadi and Selahattin began to dwindle. As Selahattin and Azadi declined, RTE made Mahmut Hamo, one of the founders of Azadi group and known as Mahmut Hodja form a new group named Ketayip Baz. The group’s main objective was determined as fighting Jabhat Al Akrad. But the group wasn’t successful. And when they failed, their leader Mahmut Hamo was discarded. When Turkey started a new plan of invasion for Jarablus, Rai, Tal Rifat, Shehba, Bab and then Rojava, RTE and his officers called Mahmut Hamo to duty once more. Mahmut Hamo thus took his place in Sultan Murad after finding 50 salaried fighters from his disbanded group Ketayip Baz.

Ustaz Mahmut, a.k.a. Mahmut Hamo, is a Kurd from the Reshwan clan in Hamo, Exterin, Şiverin village. He speaks Turkish and Arabic. He is considered Turkey’s spokesperson among groups in the “Euphrates Shield”. Hamo acts together with high ranking MİT officials in Bab, Shehba, Jarablus and Rai. There are photographs and documents of his close relationship with some of these people. Hamo is on duty in Bab region, acting together with the Turkish army commanders and MİT chiefs.


One of those who are part of Sultan Murad group and who take part in the coordination of invading forces in the region is Sheikh Mustafa from Ğuz Village, between Azaz and Exterin. Sheikh Mustafa’s real name is Mustafa Xıdır Ismail. He is a cadre from the Muslim Brotherhood. He was trained for years in Saudi Arabia under this cadre quota. He was prepared in Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Mustafa took part in Nusra and worked as administrator in many regions. He was the Nusra official in Exterin when Exterin was under Nusra invasion. His territory wasn’t just limited to Exterin. He was responsible for Exterin and the surroundings, and all closeby locations like Soran and Dabik. When ISIS took Exterin and other places from Nusra, he left Exterin for Turkey. He was put on the field again after the invasion plan.


Another man who was given influence and a role in the “Euphrates Shield” groups as RTE’s Kurdish gangs is Mahmut Xelo from Qıbbesin village. Mahmut Xelo is known by Ebu Hemze among the invasion forces.

Xelo is one of the founding members of the Selahattin group who attacked Eşrifye. He is called a remnant of Selahattin around Shehba.

Xelo was first considered for duty if the gangs formed under the name Rojava Peshmergas were to infiltrate Rojava, he would have been the official for “Rojava Peshmergas” in Shehba. When the imposition that was the “Rojava Peshmergas” didn’t work, he was pulled to the side in Turkey. When the plan to invade Rojava in general was put in place after Jarablus, Manbij, Bab, Azaz, Rai, Exterin, Til Rifat and Shehba, he was given a duty in the Sultan Murad group formed for this purpose. Right now he is on active duty as one of the attack planners for the Turkish army and the gangs in Bab, Manbij, Shehba line.