Ferrero: What was done to Öcalan and what was done to Gramsci have similar purposes

Former Italian Minister Paolo Ferrero said that the Imrali isolation had a similar purpose to what the fascist Mussolini government did to Antonio Gramsci, to kill the ideas of great thinkers.

Italian politician and former Minister of Social Solidarity Paolo Ferrero spoke to ANF about the Imrali isolation and the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political solution to the Kurdish question" campaign.

Abdullah Öcalan is a leading philosopher and revolutionary

Former Minister Paolo Ferrero, who described the Imrali isolation as completely unlawful, said that the Turkish state was trying to kill Abdullah Öcalan's ideas with isolation. Ferrero said: "I think the reason for isolation is very clear. Abdullah Öcalan is a leading Kurdish thinker, intellectual, philosopher and revolutionary. The Turkish state wants to kill Öcalan's ideas with isolation."

Imrali isolation has a similar purpose as the practices against Antonio Gramsci

Former Minister Ferrero said that the isolation imposed by the Turkish state on Abdullah Öcalan was equivalent to the practices carried out by the Italian fascist leader Mussolini's government against the Italian writer, theorist and revolutionary leader Antonio Gramsci. Turkey, said Ferrero, "is trying to prevent the spread of Öcalan's ideas, just as Mussolini did against Gramsci. It imposes conditions so that Öcalan cannot act or think in real situations. The Turkish government's aim is clearly to kill Öcalan's ideas."

Freedom is a social issue

Ferrero said that Abdullah Öcalan's freedom is of key importance in the solution to the Kurdish question and added: "Öcalan's freedom will open the door to a political solution to the Kurdish question. This is very clear because Öcalan is a fundamental actor in any solution process. Öcalan proposes a political and peaceful solution and his freedom will be the first step in the solution process. On this basis, Öcalan's freedom is not only an individual, but a social issue."

These ideas are today's Marxism

Touching on the importance of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's paradigms based on a democratic, women's liberation and ecological society, Ferrero said: "Öcalan's paradigms are very important because they show the way to overcome today's capitalism. Öcalan proposes Democratic Confederalism. This means real democracy and the subjectivity of the people, especially women. Öcalan offers solutions to today's fundamental problems with his paradigms. I think Abdullah Öcalan's ideas are today's Marxism."