Former peshmerga of 26 years: "Side with those who fight for the people"

Criticizing the KDP's support for Turkey, Former Peshmerga Süleyman Demir, said, "Now that the betrayers do not come to reason, everyone should stand by whoever is fighting for the benefit of this people."

Turkey's invasion operation on the Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna regions of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), launched on April 17 in collaboration with the ruling party KDP, is still ongoing amidst heavy clashes. While the KDP's role in the attack jeopardizes the Kurdish people's accomplishments, reactions to the KDP's stance are growing. Süleyman Demir, who lives in Hakkari and served as a peshmerga for 26 years, believes the KDP harms Kurdish achievements.


Speaking to Mesopotamya Agency (MA), Demir emphasized that the Kurds living in the four parts of Kurdistan are pleased with the recognition of Federal Kurdistan Region's status, stating, "We used to say 'at least we have a land where we can live even if we are exiled.’  Unfortunately, they did not even leave us with that opportunity. Massoud Barzani was also a Kurdish leader, but he lost his position by turning a blind eye to the attacks. Barzani connives at the occupation of Kurdish territory and becomes a partner in the attacks. We can't see someone doing this as our leader.”


Stating that Barzani should give up his stance in the face of the attacks as soon as possible, Demir said, "

We want the Barzani family to abandon their dirty war policy. We'll go back another 50 years if the blood continues to be shed. If they believe that they will be able to drive those there (guerrillas) away and then feel relieved by fighting this war, they are wrong. As soon as those there (guerrillas) leave, it will be the turn of the Barzani family, who will be destroyed one by one."


Once those fighting there are expelled from Bashur (South Kurdistan), the Kurdish people's territories will be seized," said Demir, adding, "Anyone from any party who commits treason must be opposed by all Kurdish people. Whoever has committed treason should have all his ties and bonds with the people cut. Now that the betrayers do not come to reason, everyone should choose the right path for the Kurdish people's interests, and stand by whoever is fighting for the benefit of the people.”


Stating that those who started the war would be the losing side, Demir added, “The Barzani family and others who occupied our country will be the losers as long as they continue to betray us. The AKP and KDP will be the true losers of this war. There is no Kurdish person who has not paid the price. We have laid a solid foundation, and it should not collapse.”