Free Women's Movement: AKP-MHP government protects war criminals!

The Free Women's Movement said in a statement that the AKP-MHP government protects war criminals.

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA- Free Women's Movement) issued a statement exposing once again the AKP-MHP government as an "accomplice of the war crimes committed by ISIS."

The statement underlined that "the war crimes committed by ISIS, bent on dictating the rule of darkness and slave mentality over the peoples and particularly the women of the Kurdish geography and the Middle East, continue to occupy a place on the world agenda and in societal memory. These crimes committed against humanity and those who were complicit in them are also familiar to the world public."

The statement added: "When the existing political system fell apart through historical-social transformation under the leadership of the Kurdish and Syrian peoples, a democratic, autonomous system was built to replace it. The system of social justice which was put into force in place of the monist and male-dominant judiciary of the Baath regime, continues to advance under the leadership of women despite Turkey’s threats, attacks and embargoes on the region. Women, the pioneering force of the Rojava Revolution, while carrying out their own independent organization, have also given centrality to women's perspective in the solution of daily social problems, inspiring women all over the world. It is this organized social force that has emerged that constitutes the real reason why the fascist ruling bloc in Turkey pursues hostile policies against the Kurdish people, Rojava and the woman leaders of the Rojava Revolution. In reports prepared by some international institutions such as the United Nations (UN), Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, it has been proven that FSA gangs, which are the offshoots of ISIS, have committed grave and willful crimes against the Kurdish people, and primarily the women, in Afrin particularly and in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. These reports have emphasized that Turkey is also responsible for crimes over and over again. However, the AKP-MHP fascist bloc has not initiated the slightest investigation against any of these crimes. On the contrary, it has encouraged these gangs to a possible "genocide" it wishes to carry out against the Kurds."

The statement continued: "Despite all the crimes against humanity committed by the FSA gangs and the reports of international institutions to which Turkey is also a party, the fact that they can freely travel in and out of Turkey, move freely about in the country, are not subject to any investigation, study in and even graduate from universities reveals the extent of the relationship between the ruling fascist AKP-MHP bloc and these gangs. There are numerous examples of this situation. In particular, the photos and footage showing the leader of the Ahrar'us Şarkiyye organization –an organization which is a part of the FSA and has been reported by the UN to have committed war crimes– Abu Hatem Şakra graduating from Mardin Artuklu University constitute concrete evidence of AKP-ISIS-FSA complicity.

This war criminal named Ebu Hatem Şakra, the leader of the Ahrar'uş Şarkiyye organization, murdered Hevrîn Xelef, Secretary General of the Syrian Future Party, forcing her out of her car on the M4 highway under international control. Undoubtedly, in the person of Hevrîn Xelef this attack was an attack on the Rojava Revolution which grew under the leadership of women in Rojava. The fact that a war criminal is 'protected' enough to graduate from a university, indicates the extent of the relationship between the AKP-MHP fascist bloc and war criminals. The inclusion of war criminals in the public sphere to such an extent implies that there may be perpetrators of crimes against humanity in other public institutions as well."

The statement said: "The fascist AKP-MHP government of the previous period has further expanded the fascist front in the May 14 elections.  It has shown how it will proceed both in Kurdistan and in Turkey by means of the oppressive measures it has taken and the detentions it has carried out against opposition groups and primarily women who struggle for women’s freedom before and after the elections.

The AKP-MHP fascist bloc, a master of misogynistic policies, seems to have strengthened its current position of preventing the prosecution of war criminals, protecting war criminals, and especially acting in violation of the international conventions to which it is a party. 

The fact that a war criminal who murdered an unarmed female civilian politician, Hevrîn Xelef, is being protected in Turkey today raises questions about whether other war criminals have been given free access into the public realm as well, about whether there exists a systematic policy of their inclusion in the public realm and the intentions of the fascist bloc in doing something like this."

TJA called "all international institutions that Turkey is a party to, to the world women's movements fighting for freedom and equality and to the civil society organizations in Turkey," and added: "The Rojava Revolution is the embodiment of a philosophy that manifests the organized power and pioneering mission of women in the struggle for freedom and that has carried the imagination of a democratic nation into effect.

Put international law into effect to protect the Rojava Revolution which continues with the construction of a society that has proven to all peoples of the world that it can be a Third Way and a solution model for women, children, youth and the peoples of the Middle East, against all kinds of attacks by the AKP-MHP fascist bloc in Turkey and its dirty alliances!"