Guerrilla and popular resistance unmask the KDP

The sayings used in the past in Kurdish society are still very meaningful today.

There are meaningful Kurdish proverbs about history, resistance, cooperation, nature, facts and life. One of these sayings is "Kurmê darê ne ji darê be dar kurmî nabe" [The tree would not get worms if the worms were not from the tree].

This is a saying for the collaborators and betrayers who sell themselves to the enemy. It is not necessary to go back to the past, let's look at the recent history and we will see how much this statement is appropriate.

When we look at the practices of the KDP in Kurdistan in recent years, we can explain the situation with the words of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan: "The Kurds are in love with their enemy."

The KDP’s attitude certainly fits these words. Some photos were published recently. Some peshmerga are collecting the mines laid by the guerrilla to counter the enemy. These images expose to everyone the cooperation between the KDP and the Turkish state. Surely this is not the only issue. There are countless examples to show the collaboration of the KDP.

Another example of this cooperation is the fact that MIT [Turkish secret service] members in South Kurdistan move freely and close all roads to prevent the guerrilla from reaching supplies. Who knows that when there is an attack anywhere, this is the result of such a cooperation. These segments cover their hostility towards the people with a Kurdish mask.

On the other hand, everyone refers to the system of the Turkish state as a fascist system. Not only democratic and liberal circles, everyone says this. But the government of South Kurdistan want to create a small Turkish system and a small Turkey there. What the chief of the fascist Turkish state plans for Turkey, is reproduced in South Kurdistan with the help of the South Kurdistan government. In Turkey a village guards system has been developed and used in military operations. The same is tried to be implemented in South Kurdistan.

In Turkey, the guerrilla is targeted. In South Kurdistan government officials also target the guerrilla resistance. In Turkey everyone dissenting is put into prison. The same situation is experienced in the South. In Turkey, women are raped, murdered, their freedom is taken away from them, in South Kurdistan the same situation is experienced.

The South has really fallen so much in love with the enemy to the extend of targeting people?

Now the guerrilla is putting up a legendary resistance at the border of South Kurdistan. Every day there are protests, fights and martyrs. There are also heroes like Xalid Abdulrehman among the people. He was martyred in the village of Kani Mezin in Kani Masi. In short, the people and the guerrilla are in positions of resistance against the occupation of South Kurdistan.

It is time to hold the collaborators to account. It is time for them to be judged by the people. The public wants such a thing anyway. But the peshmerga, acting like state institutions and the Turkish police, arrest the people, throw them into prisons, attack and kill them with real bullets. How can there be so many deviations, so many enemies and so obvious treachery? Everyone is tired of these practices now.

There is a great resistance on one hand and big attacks on the other hand. But unfortunately, there are collaborators on the 2nd front. Undoubtedly, the resistance will continue and the occupation will never succeed.

Now the mask of the KDP has fallen. With the resistance of the guerrilla and the people, this fascism will collapse. Collaborators will not find a space to breath.