HBDH Commander Can: We will defend Rojava to death

Those who remain silent will have to live with this shame for life, explains Ferzed Can, a member of the General Council of the left-wing guerrilla alliance HBDH.

ANF talked with one of the commanders of the MLKP Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy and member of the General Council of the united guerilla alliance People's United Revolutionary Movement (Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi, HBDH).

Can emphasized that the Rojava revolution was the symbol of the revolutions of the 21st century: "What Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union was then is today the attack of the genocidal Turkish state and its fascist boss on the revolution of Rojava and the peoples of northern and eastern Syria. While the Rojava revolution, with its radical-democratic, women-libertarian and egalitarian approach, represents the revolution of the 21st century, while the Turkish state and its accomplices represent the counter-revolution.”

Together against the colonial fascist invasion

Can demanded that all progressive forces take responsibility in the fight against this invasion: "If the Rojava revolution is pushed back, the reactionary regional states will regain power and build fascist and repressive regimes. For this reason, all the peoples of the region, especially the Kurdish and Turkish people, must show solidarity with the Rojava revolution for their protection and defense, and oppose the colonial-fascist invasion. All organizations and parties who see themselves as leftist, anti-fascist, socialist and anti-fascist, artists, women's movements, all must take responsibility in the fight against this invasion."

In addition, Can warned that; "Those who believe they can save themselves from the fascist dictator by pretending dead and watching silently, will have to give an account before history and live the entire lifetime with the shame of silence. And those who are bombarding Rojava and the mountains of Kurdistan day and night with warplanes, using their technology to carry out massacres, torturing people executing arrest terror, murdering revolutionary people in Turkey and Kurdistan, the leaders of the fascist regime, and the militarist forces should know that they will give an account for their actions.”

The invasion will not stop their collapse

It is no coincidence, Can said, that the Turkish incursion into northern Syria was launched on October 9, the day when the international plot against Abdullah Öcalan began. However, the invasion of Rojava will not save the AKP system from the crisis.

The forces of HBDH must play their role

Can also directly addressed the HBDH: "The forces of the HBDH must respond to the fascist Turkish state over its invasion wherever they are. They must fulfill their historic mission on the trail of the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan. It is the day of calling to account. We have freed Rojava fighting and we will defend it to death fighting."