"HDP should play a pivotal role in the 24 June election"

“If the votes of the Kurds are added to the democratic forces, the oppressed ethnic and religious groups, then the threshold will be overcome, and the number of deputies will greatly increase.”

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu wrote an article for Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper and assessed the June 24 snap elections in Turkey and importance of HDP’s success. We publish the English version of the article by Karasu below:

“Some 40 days are left before the 24 June elections. The AKP-MHP fascist power and Tayyip Erdogan do not seem to be able to win this election in a legitimate way. That is, if they do not make dirty moves and provocations aimed at not losing the election. It is possible to meet with some events which will affect the election process at any moment.

The AKP-MHP fascism will try every way to ensure there is no fair election. As it is this is not a fair, equal and democratic election given that more than 6 thousand HDP executives and members are in prison.

This election happens in a unhealthy environment. However, revolutionaries should take this election process as it is, as the forces of democracy have struggled on the most difficult conditions. This process must also be seen as part of a challenging democracy struggle.

It is the wrong approach though saying that as nothing will emerge from this election then we don’t even bother go to the polls. Of course this election may not change much, but to carry out a good election work and have positive results will be an important contribution to changes and positive developments to come. An indifferent approach to this election should be seen as gateway approach, one that refuses engaging in the struggle.

It is important that the democratic forces in this electoral milieu form an alliance around the HDP. An actual alliance of struggle has been formed. This is not an election alliance but a struggle alliance. It is important to consider this in terms of the struggle for democracy. Participation of the democratic forces, especially the socialist forces, in the electoral process around the HDP will positively affect the election results.

Turkey metropolitan areas in particular will affect the election results. If the votes of the Kurds are added to the democratic forces, the oppressed ethnic and religious groups, then the threshold will be overcome, and the number of deputies will greatly increase.

It is a fact: the vote in the metropolises of Turkey will be decisive for the HDP to overcome the threshold. As a matter of fact, this is what happened in the previous elections, on 7 June and 1 November. 

Certainly the votes obtained in Kurdistan are important. Because a significant part of Kurdish votes go to HDP.

If we take Amed as an example, we’ll see that 75 percent of the votes have gone to the HDP. Approximately 90 percent of the votes, in about 10 districts, went to the HDP.

In this respect, Kurdistan is the main area in which the struggle for freedom and democracy is carried out through the HDP.

However, when you consider the high number of Kurds that migrated to Turkey metropolises, making up a substantial section of these cities, and when you consider that a big share of democratic forces lives in metropolitan areas, these areas are open both in terms of freedom struggle and legal, democratic struggle. Metropolises are gaining importance in this process.

It is not enough though to secure the votes of Kurds and HDP in the metropolis. It is important to have an approach that favour the convergency of votes of the democratic forces and social sectors outside the HDP base.

If the democratisation of Turkey is important from the point of view of the solution of the Kurdish question, then it is important to carry out a work aimed at attracting democratic forces outside the HDP in the metropolises. To concentrate only in securing the votes of Kurds and HDP would be a wrong approach.

In this respect, it is necessary to aim at securing the highest level of Alevi votes in the metropolises. The problems and aspirations of these circles can only be addressed in a democratic country.

Socialist and democracy forces on the other hand, that have been waging a struggle for democracy for decades have understood that it is necessary to join forces with the HDP. All this shows that HDP could experience a great improvement in the metropolis. It appears that Alevi and democracy forces will lean towards the HDP, more than they did on 7 June 2015 elections.

It is also important for parties in Kurdistan to enter the election alliance with the HDP. Undoubtedly, it is a positive development to see that these circles which are disturbed by the system based on AKP-MHP fascism and one-man dictatorship, are coming together despite their different political understandings.

There is a program difference between HDP and these political forces. However, the most fundamental issue, the democratic solution of the Kurdish question, provides the ground for these forces to gather together and make an electoral alliance.

Relationships and partnerships created with the democratic forces in Turkey metropolises can be done differently with these forces in Kurdistan.

This electoral alliance may be the basis for the creation of common platforms for the freedom of Kurdistan in the future.

This step is an important development in the search for unity of Kurds against the AKP-MHP fascism.

The program of HDP and the different political understandings of these parties are not a barrier to the election alliance. Every party makes its own propaganda freely. Of course paying attention to each other's sensitivities.

HDP is not a Kurdish party, but Kurds are part of it.

Undoubtedly democracy and the solution to the Kurdish question are the most basic common goals. This can be seen as an important ground for building and developing relationships.

We think it is possible to build a strong alliance starting from that. Then the discussion about how many candidates, will be addressed easily. We also believe that this will be solved through mutual understanding.

The discourse and language to be used in this election process is important. Opposition forces can criticise one another. Because of their mentality and political understanding, these opposition forces have decided to not make an electoral alliance with the HDP.

This is understandable. Avoiding Kurds in Turkey is the worst of the political disease. An ideological and political struggle against this disease is necessary. However, the AKP-MHP fascism is harmful for everyone in Turkey and so is Erdogan dictatorship.

If this fascist power is not taken down, fascist oppression will increase. War politics will increase. This is why it is very important to stop this power. This is a democratic stance and a struggle in itself. From this point of view, the main struggle in this electoral process should be directed against this fascist power. This is the priority. On the contrary, it is a diversion to target the other opposition forces whatever they are.

There are priorities that need to be targeted at every different period. It is wrong to confuse and create ambiguity in the environment. Democratic forces and Kurdish democratic forces should pay attention to this.

Undoubtedly, democratic forces fight against all dominant classes and non-democratic forces. Democratic forces and Kurdish democratic forces know very well what CHP, Good Party, Felicity Party and Homeland Party are all about.

At present there is a fascist alliance established by the AKP-MHP.

At the moment nationalism, chauvinism and genocide have been taken to a more dangerous dimension with a religious mask.

As far as different ethnic and religious communities are concerned, there is a danger of genocide as never before. This danger is represented by the AKP-MHP fascist alliance."

Source: Yeni Ozgur Politika