How does the Covid-19 test kit developed in Rojava work?

Heart and Chest Diseases specialist Înan Xelîl explained the coronavirus test developed by doctors in Rojava which received ISO certification. Xelîl stated that the test ensure a 85 percent reliability.

The test to detect the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), developed in North-East Syria and with a reliability of 80 to 85 percent, is used for preventive treatment management in hospitals in the region.

The coronavirus test kit, developed by the North and East Syria Health Committee and delivering results in 30 to 35 seconds, was also submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) after receiving ISO certification.

It was learned that the coronavirus test developed by the doctors of Rojava was offered to some countries and health institutions, however these wanted the patent of the test, and this was refused by the Rojava authorities.

Inan Xelîl, one of the doctors of Eye and Chest Diseases Hospital in Qamishlo, tells more about the test used.

Stating that the test kit was also sent to China and tested in 3 large hospitals there, heart and chest diseases specialist Inan Xelîl said that the test had a reliability of 80 to 85 percent.

"There are 3 separate compartments on the test stick. Of these, the first and third compartments are for normal inflammations. The color change in the second compartment indicates if the person has contracted the Covid-19 virus."

Inan Xelîl that results are available after 30-35 seconds after analysing the sample from the person. The test is positive if the color of the second chamber is blue and negative if it is purple.

Noting that the main success of the test was to provide preventive treatment, Inan Xelîl said: "In the coronavirus epidemic, early diagnosis is important for two reasons. The first is to prevent the spread of the disease, and the second is to prevent the disease from spreading to the lungs of the patient.

In the treatment process, early diagnosis can result in the successful treatement with auxiliary drugs. However, if the virus covers all the lungs, more severe treatment methods come into play. This causes the health system to collapse in pandemic diseases."

Stating that the rapid result of the test provides a serious advantage in preventing the spread of the disease, Xelîl concluded: "This point is very important: Faster test results mean we can quickly work on the steps to be taken. Test results available after a week or ten days, inevitably mean that the virus will continue to work both in the person tested and those around him. We find the developed test important and for this, we continue to meet our colleagues from different countries. "