Hozan Mizgîn, the voice of Kurdistan

Hozan Mizgîn became the symbol of the martyrs of the culture and art movement with her life, struggle and resistance. She became the voice of the Kurdish truth.

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the martyrdom of the revolutionary artist and legendary commander Martyr Mizgîn (Gurbet Aydın), who fell in Tatvan on 11 May 1992.

Born in Batman in 1965, Hozan Mizgîn went to school only for a few years, as her family did not allow her to continue studying because of the feudal oppression against women. She never accepted the life imposed on her. She met the Kurdish Freedom Movement at an early age, and in 1980 she went to join the freedom struggle. She wholeheartedly embraces the ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and went to Lebanon to see him.

Noticing Hozan Mizgîn's beautiful voice, Abdullah Öcalan sent her to Europe for cultural and artistic studies. In Europe she set up the cultural movement with Martyr Hozan Sefqan, becoming one of the members of Koma Berxwedan. She also went through ideological training.

She was not just an artist, she became a commander, a fighter when appropriate, and did whatever it took for the freedom of Kurdistan.

After returning to Kurdistan from Europe, Gurbet Aydın carried out organizational activities in South Kurdistan and in the province of Mardin.

She won the people’s love in a short time with her determined and humble stance. She organized the masses and built extensive and successful relationships.

Hozan Mizgîn was also very popular among her comrades. She became the target of the enemy due to her great influence on people.

The revolutionary artist and legendary commander fell a martyr in Tatvan on 11 May 1992, after a great resistance.

Thousands of Kurdish children, who grew up with Hozan Mizgîn's voice and music, are fighting and resisting today with her spirit.