HPG and YJA Star guerrillas write historic epics on the mountains of Kurdistan

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas are writing historic epics on the mountains of Kurdistan with their resistance in defense of Medya Defense Areas, which have been under the attacks of the Turkish state since April 23.

The resistance of HPG and YJA Star guerrillas in Zap, Avashin and Metina continues against the attacks of the Turkish state. HPG guerrillas Ronî Derik and Baran Gabar spoke about the ongoing war.

HPG guerrilla Roni Dêrik said: "The invading Turkish state has been attacking the Medya Defense Areas with all its most sophisticated technologies for 45 days, but the determination and resistance of the guerrillas continues. This will and resistance did not allow the Turkish state to carry out its plans. The Turkish state can’t cope with guerrilla activities. So it resorted to dirty methods, such as the use of forbidden weapons to enter our war tunnels. The power of the guerrilla is stronger and more effective than all the technologies of the Turkish state.

We are resisting with the strength we get from our martyrs of Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê. We will never allow the Turkish state to occupy our territories. Our strength and confidence are intact, and we will not leave any attack unanswered. What is required of us is to resist and stand up to the enemy. We promise our martyred comrades that we will not allow the invasion to succeed and that we will fight against it until victory."

Every war tunnel becomes a castle of resistance

HPG guerrilla Baran Gabar said: "The guerrillas are inflicting heavy blows on the enemy with new and professional tactics. The guerrillas are taking successful actions against the invading Turkish army. Each tunnel has become a resistance fortress.

The enemy tried to enter the guerrilla tunnels in Siyanê and Mamreşo, but its plan was unsuccessful. The resistance led by Commander Şoreş Beytüşşebap continues with the stance of Commander Serhed Giravi and his comrades. The sacrifice of these friends imposes us to resist and retaliate. This spirit forces the enemy to take a step back.

We stand against the occupation with great morale and motivation. It is with the morale we received from Leader Öcalan and the strength we received from our martyred comrades, that we are still fighting against the occupation."

HPG guerrilla Baran Gabar reiterated the promise made to the martyrs to walk in their footsteps and widen the struggle.