HPG publishes identities of seven guerrillas who fell martyrs in Metîna

At the beginning of February, seven guerrillas fell as martyrs in a multi-front attack against Turkish occupying forces in Metîna. The HPG have now released their full identities.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has announced the identities of seven Kurdish guerrillas who fell as martyrs in February while resisting to the Turkish occupation in South Kurdistan.

The statement said: "In our statement dated 5 February, we informed the public that a coordinated guerrilla action was carried out against the Turkish occupiers in Girê Hekarî in Metîna. This action dealt a heavy blow to the enemy troops. We said that seven of our comrades involved in the action fell as martyrs. We are now sharing their identities. The fallen are: Roza Kerboran, Rûken Kobanê, Hekîm Zana, Serhildan Kelasor, Numan Amed, Karasungur Kanîreş and Serhed Hesekê. Our sympathy goes to the entire people of Kurdistan, but in particular to the families of these courageous martyrs who, with determination and an attitude of sacrifice, fought to drive out of our lands the occupiers.”


Codename: Roza Kerboran

First and last name: Büşra Aktaş

Place of Birth: Merdin

Mother and Father Names: Pervin – Ali

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Rûken Kobanê

First and last name: Bûşra Besrawî

Place of birth: Kobanê

Names of mother and father: Xanim - Xişman

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Hekîm Zana

First and last name: Kani Sakin

Place of birth: Merdin

Names of mother and father: Rukiye – Ali

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Serhildan Kelasor

First and last name: Ali Fener

Place of birth: Riha

Names of mother and father: Hatice - Hasan

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Numan Amed

First and last name: Zana Savuran

Place of birth: Amed

Names of mother and father: Şemsihan – Kudbettin

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Karasungur Kanîreş

First and last name: Zübeyir Teymuroğlu

Place of birth: Çewlîg

Names of mother and father: Hayriye – Paşa

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna



Codename: Serhed Hesekê

First and last name: Ismail Hasan Ibrahim

Place of birth: Hesekê

Names of mother and father: Ilham – Hasan

Date and place of death: February 2, 2023 / Metîna


Roza Kerboran

Roza Kerboran was born in Mêrdîn (tr. Mardin) into a patriotic family of the Torî tribe closely connected to the Kurdish struggle for freedom.

She joined the guerrillas in the Gabar region in 2016 under the impression of the "urban war".

Ruken Kobanê

Rûken Kobanê came from Kobanê in western Kurdistan and belonged to the Kêtikî tribe. She first encountered the Kurdish movement, which she had only known by name until then, in 2014.

It was the time when the Islamic State launched their attack on Kobanê with the help of Turkey. 

Rûken Kobanê witnessed a unique resistance and witnessed the liberation of the city. These experiences shaped her and led to the decision to join the PKK. After her arrival in the Medya Defense Areas, Rûken Kobanê went to the Zagros Mountains, where she stayed for about five years. 

Hekîm Zana

Hekîm Zana was born in Dêrika Çiyayê Mazî near Mêrdîn. He grew up in a patriotic environment, and his family has always felt deeply connected to the Kurdish liberation movement. 
In 2014, Hekîm Zana joined the resistance against ISIS. He gained his first practical experience in guerrilla warfare in Metîna. With the start of the most recent invasion there and in Zap and Avaşîn in April last year, he was permanently on the front line to defend Kurdistan against Turkish occupation.

Serhildan Kelasor

Serhildan Kelasor came from Sêwreg in the province of Riha (Urfa) - a town that marks an important position in the PKK's resistance. This is where the Kurdistan Workers' Party first appeared in public in 1979.

Serhildan Kelasor grew up hearing the stories of the heroes of the Sêwreg resistance. His peasant, patriotic family is part of the Îzolî tribe.

Numan Amed

Numan Amed was born in Amed (Diyarbakir) into a family deeply rooted in the resistance in Kurdistan. His youth was marked by the fight against the special war policy pursued by the Turkish state in the Kurdish cities. For a while, he was active in the youth movement, until he moved to the mountains in 2015. He received his basic guerrilla training in the Avaşîn region. Later he stayed in Zagros and was intensively involved in the preparation and construction of war infrastructure. In Metîna, he was one of the participants of the "Revolutionary guerrilla offensive Cenga Xabûrê - Şehîd Savaş Maraş".

Karasungur Kanireş

Karasungur Kanîreş came from Çewlîg (Bingöl). He grew up in a patriotic family. He became involved in the PKK as a student. When the peace process between the Kurdish side and the Turkish state came to an abrupt end in the summer of 2015 and a new total war against Kurds was sparked, he made the decision to join the armed resistance. For five years, he was active in various regions of Kurdistan. From 2020 he was in Heftanin. Here he fought in the front ranks and also played an important role in the tactical transformation of the guerrillas.

Serhed Hesekê

Serhed Hesekê was born in Rojava into a family linked to the Kurdish liberation struggle. Due to the patriotic character of his environment, he got to know the PKK as a child. He experienced the Rojava revolution in his youth. Deeply impressed by the resistance, he joined the guerrillas in Zap in 2015. After a while and appropriate military experience, he went to Metîna. He stayed in Girê Hekarî and Çarçêl and took part in the construction and organization of the tunnel war.