Images confirm Turkish army setting bodies of its own soldiers on fire

Images confirming the statements made by the HPG, according to which the Turkish army bombed the dead bodies of soldiers, sometimes throwing them from cliffs and even burned them during the ongoing invasion attacks, reached ANF.

In the invasion attacks carried out by the AKP-MHP government in order to complete the Kurdish genocide and maintain its power, images emerged of the army burning the corpses of its own soldiers.

The images that reached ANF seem to have been taken in the Girê Cûdî Resistance Area, on the west of Zap on 11 September 2022. Although the HPG shared their names, tags and even images, it is seen that the Turkish army, which concealed its losses, burned the bodies of its own soldiers.

The HPG Press Liaison Center (BİM) said in a statement on 12 September that the Turkish army burned the bodies of its own soldiers. The statement was as follows: “Turkish soldiers who tried to enter the Martyr Çekdar war tunnels of Girê Cûdî Resistance Area on 11 September were prevented from doing so. They were ambushed at 10am, and then hit by guerrillas. In this action, which was carried out simultaneously and in coordination with our forces in the war tunnels and our mobile teams, the invaders were later hit with hand grenades, individual weapons and by snipers. In this action, at least 10 invaders, one of whom was of high rank, were killed and 4 invaders were injured. It was determined that their names were Savaş, Fatih, Gökhan, Serkan, Burak, Naci, Harun, Mert, Oğuz and Fuat.

Turkish army bombed bodies of their own soldiers

The Turkish army bombed the place where the corpses of the soldiers were with warplanes and howitzers so that the weapons and materials on them would not fall into the hands of our forces. One drone flying over the action area was hit by our mobile teams. Later, two more invaders who took action were shot and punished with an assassination tactic.

Bodies set on fire

After bombing the area with warplanes and howitzers, the Turkish army burned the dead bodies of soldiers by bombing and setting fire to the place where their own soldiers were, with incendiary rockets dropped from attack helicopters. The area of action and the bodies of some of the killed invaders are still under the control of our forces. As a result of the actions that lasted from 10am to 4pm, a total of 12 invaders were killed, 4 injured and one drone was hit.”