Imrali is the place

It's a tiny island. The place where the biggest hero is held in the square where the main operation is waged.

It's a tiny island. The place where the biggest hero is held in the square where the main operation is waged. The main battle was always there, fought in a few square meters behind four walls. Whenever they seemed to collapse, whenever they fell, they looked at Imrali like one hand to reach out, and they still look at it. The biggest war was waged neither in Heftanin, nor in Rojava, nor in the North.

Neither in the dirty rooms of the KDP, nor in the immoral buildings of Soylu, or in the houses of Kurds collaborating with the enemy. It was neither America nor Russia that would stop this scarlet apocalypse, the main force that would say "stop" to the blood flowing on this land, nor was the table of other fascist elements or brainless and heartless forces.

The main operation, the main fighter was in Imrali, the power that would create the real solution was in Imrali. The greatest war has always been fought there. Whether you admit it or not, accept it or not, whether you hear this scream or not, there is only one person to solve this problem; Kurdish people’s leader Öcalan. I still remember the heroism of guerrillas Zana and Mizgin in the last battle of Pirpula and their words on the device. The eyes of the commander running the war are still on my mind.

The guerrilla who fought without eating, drinking, or breathing so that the invaders would not set foot on these lands, the energy of young eyes who devoted their lives to freedom, those who attacked the mountains with great hatred, the Kurds who sold themselves, the KDP's order that did not allow the villagers to return to their villages but held itself responsible for the security of this people, I was thinking about everything, everything, and embracing the people of the South who were marching against the occupation, the PKK militants who were fighting in the palm of their hearts, I was thinking what the leader of the Kurdish people who were kept in Imrali would think if he knew that this was the case.

At such a time, you can imagine an honourable solution, a dignified life. And whether you like it or not, you will be convinced that the only way to do this is in Imrali. Hope, freedom, war, are in Imrali.

The start and end line of the war is in Imrali. Because that is the place where the honourable war and the war of freedom are the hardest. That is the square where ethics and unethical, morality and immorality, conscience and interests collide. It is the place where a century of dirty history will come to light. It is the place where the persecution of young women, men and people of the Kurds is held and wanted to be brought to account.

It is the place where all intemperance, unethical things are imposed, and all dirt is mingled. The entire universe, which looks like four walls, where principles and dimensions are preserved in the strongest way, is Imralı.

The place where the main war started. It is not Heftanin, Rojava, the mountains… It is the place where the four parts of Kurdistan meet, where all the peoples of the Middle East meet. It is the square where Öcalan and the apostles lead the main war.