Joining the Democratic Confederalism Leadership

From 'National Leader', 'Kurdish People's Leader' to 'Democratic Confederalism Leader'.

On October 9, the Kurdish people and their friends widely and effectively protested the international conspiracy attack on Leader Abdullah Öcalan in 1998, and the twenty-two-year Imrali isolation and torture system. The conspiracy in question was organized and carried out by the USA on behalf of the capitalist system, and all system forces were involved in the conspiracy. The attack, referred to in the history of politics as the "great international conspiracy", was one of the most unjust, brutal and immoral events in human history. We greet everyone who opposed the conspiracy and participated in the protests on October 9 and wish them success.

On October 10, oppressed peoples, workers and laborers, women and youth from all over the world took to the streets and demanded the physical freedom of Democratic Confederalism Leader Abdullah Öcalan. They vowed loudly that the twenty-two-year Imrali torture and isolation system would break down. They stated that they joined the Democratic Confederalism Leadership of the 21st Century and claimed Leader Abdullah Öcalan. We congratulate these actions, greet all activists and express our wishes for success.

The ‘World Freedom for Öcalan Day’ demonstrations held on October 10 were indeed one of the largest global actions in history. Millions of people of all colors and backgrounds on all continents demanded the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Obviously, on the basis of this declaration, the struggle for freedom and democracy will continue and each single day of the next year will be like October 10th. Within the framework of the ‘Resistance and Freedom Campaign’ initiated by the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, it will be demanded each day that the Imrali torture and isolation system be demolished and Leader Abdullah Öcalan gain physical freedom. This would actually mean the collapse of the global capitalist modernity system and its most reactionary lever, the AKP-MHP fascist-genocidal dictatorship.

It is very clear that the life of the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship and the Turkish system that created it has come to an end and it is time to collapse. For Turkey’s people, mainly the Kurds, racist, chauvinistic, misogynistic, colonial and genocidal mentality and politics are no longer acceptable. The unification and wave of actions to claim the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan clearly demonstrates this. The values ​​of freedom and democracy, which are very necessary for humanity, are now embodied in Leader Apo's physical freedom.

In fact, it is not only the AKP-MHP fascism and the Turkish system but also is the five-thousand-year-old power and state system, the capitalist modernity order that created it, that is expired and going through the process of collapse. The Kurdish problem and the Imrali torture and isolation system that it created are the reality that clearly and understandably show what the five-thousand-year-old power and state system and its latest modernity, the capitalist order, really are. What has been happening in Kurdistan clearly shows that this system and order is a complete order of injustice, oppression, exploitation, massacre, denial and slavery. The experiences of the Kurdish people clearly show that there is no such thing as humanity left under the power and state system and that everything is based on more money making, oppression, exploitation and theft.

It is self-evident how deep the reactionism imposed on the Kurdish people in the person of Abdullah Öcalan is, how they tended towards a struggle for freedom and democracy as they started to see their free reality partially, how they eventually gained courage and literally became self-sacrificing. This is the very reality that gives a new awareness and hope of freedom, excitement and enthusiasm to women, youth and all of humanity today. Humanity imagines itself in the free Kurdish revival and on this basis is interested in the Kurdistan freedom struggle and the leader of this struggle. This is the reality of October 10, World Freedom for Öcalan Day.

It is clear that the Kurdistan freedom struggle is spreading and globalizing more and more throughout the region and the world, breaking narrow national barriers. In addition to many other factors, the victorious resistance developed in Kurdistan against ISIS and the development of the women's freedom revolution from Kurdistan, which is the greatest revolution of all time, play a determining role in this. Undoubtedly, it is Leader Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy, theory, ideological-political line, and style of struggle that bring them into existence. All the libertarian and democratic developments in Kurdistan for nearly half a century are the product of Leader Apo's genius and effort. The 10 October freedom actions clearly show that this fact is increasingly being seen, understood and owned by all the oppressed around the world.

Undoubtedly, there are some political aspects of the active participation of women and youth, workers and laborers, intellectuals and artists, writers and politicians from all over the world, especially the British Trade Unions, and their demand for the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. While the dominant forces support the AKP-MHP fascism, the oppressed endorse Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish struggle for democracy and freedom in Turkey. This is all comprehensible and normal.

However, we must also see that what brought all the oppressed groups united in the 10 October freedom protests to support Leader Abdullah Öcalan is the ideological side more than the political side. It is clear that British Trade Unions, which developed the first practical class struggle in history, have a class interest to endorse Leader Apo before anyone else and this is mainly based on ideological reasons. It is also certain that the fact that women are the most interested in the Kurdish freedom struggle and the reality of Leader Apo is based on a deep ideological reason. This is why the groups that are most discriminated, denied, ignored and enslaved by the ruling capitalist system also show an early interest in the Kurdish freedom struggle.

So what does all this mean? That is to say, there are not only political reasons for the agency that is expressed in the 10 October freedom protests. Again, these are not only based on a general humanism such as opposing the Imrali torture and isolation system. Undoubtedly these matters exist too, but these aspects are few and the ideological-philosophical dimension is much wider. All the oppressed of the world, especially women and workers, are more familiar with the Apoist line of freedom and democracy, understand it more, embrace it and participate more deeply. The democratic confederalism solution project based on democratic autonomy proposed by Leader Apo is understood and accepted more and more for the serious social problems caused by the five thousand years of power and state system.

Undoubtedly, when it gave birth in the early 1970s, the reality of Leader Abdullah Öcalan was at the level of national leadership. But it should also be known that the birth of such a national leadership is based on a deep historical and universal perspective. In other words, Leader Apo handled the universal and turned it into a particular, national one. The ‘National Leader’, the ‘Kurdish People's Leader’ has now become the ‘Democratic Confederalism Leader’. All the oppressed, especially women, see Leader Apo's revolution of mind at the beginning of the twenty-first century and join him by approving the line of freedom that this revolution has created. On this basis, it is understood that the Apoist freedom revolutions will be experienced in many areas in the near future.