Kalkan: 2023 was the year of the guerrillas - PART TWO

Duran Kalkan said that 2023 "was the year of the guerrillas."

KCK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan saluted the success of the guerrillas in 2023.

The first part of this interview can be read here

To look at the guerrilla struggle, what can you tell us about the latest developments of the war? And especially now that there is a lot of talk about guerrilla features in the wake of the war between Israel and Hamas, what is your stance on it?

We said 2023 was the year of the guerrilla, and it really was. At the beginning of 2023, there were glorious actions despite the most difficult conditions. After the earthquake of February 6, there was a period of ceasefire, or rather a period of inaction. The guerrilla clearly showed everyone how much it is connected to society, how it is a fundamental part of social life, with its decision and attitude of inaction. But many circles did not take this into consideration. There were many circles who had before openly and secretly said that if there was inaction, if there was a ceasefire, they would show support, “we would do this, we would do that” they said. When our movement and guerrillas got into such a position, there was no sound from these parties. We did not see any serious efforts. In fact, the AKP-MHP fascist administration perceived this as an opportunity, as if it was a weakness on our behalf, and wanted to increase its attacks and supposedly achieve results towards the goal of crushing the guerrilla. Against this, the guerrilla carried out great resistance in all the Medya Defense Areas [areas controlled by the guerrillas], especially in [the Southern part] in Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and all over North Kurdistan.

In 2023, there was not a single guerrilla area, no guerrilla unit that did not take action or resist. All over North Kurdistan, from Serhat to Dersim. From Mêrdîn to Botan, from Amed to Xerzan, everywhere became a guerrilla action area. Not only in the mountains but also in the cities, the ‘Civil Protection Units’ (YPS) and militias carried out major actions. There were actions that seriously challenged the enemy and dealt fatal blows to AKP-MHP fascism.

A month ago, to greet and celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the party, the guerrilla came up with an action that dealt crushing blows to the AKP-MHP fascist hordes. And now, between December 23rd and 25th, there was a great offensive that dealt crushing blows to the Turkish army. First in Xakurkê, then on the Kurojahro mountain and to the west of the Amediyê mountain. There was an offensive that broke the back of the Turkish army and crushed it. On the first day they openly accepted that six soldiers were killed in Xakurkê and Metîna. Then, when the big attacks of the Amediyê and Kurojahro mountains took place, they immediately set a censure and closed it. The press has been reporting it for a few days; they say the morgues in Hakkari are full of dead bodies. How many were wounded? What happened to the rest of them in this snowy winter?

Last year, as we were going into winter, they made an assessment. They withdrew from some places. Now this year, a so-called commander came who overestimated himself. He was saying in the press, “I will stay and fight in the winter, I will strike this blow, I will strike that blow”. He stayed in the areas that they had withdrawn from last year. The ‘People’s Defense Headquarter’ (HSM) had a clear message for them:“Withdraw,” they said, “otherwise you will end badly. If you don’t withdraw, you will be crushed”. They didn’t listen, they didn’t want to understand. The result was the confirmation of what HSM said. Now they [the enemy] are in a panic, they are miserable. The commanders are all at the border trying to cheer their soldiers up. The commanders of the so-called Ministry of Defense are trying to save the situation.

There is also a questioning in Turkey as to why this happened. Why did these forces enter these areas? Why are they being kept like this in the middle of winter? This is true. In fact, Turkey needs to discuss more. What are these fascist hordes of paid goons being called soldiers doing in Zap? Then it was said that the guerrillas, that the PKK shot them. Of course, the PKK shot you, because you are occupying the country. You want to come and kill our people. Whoever wants to shoot must be ready to be shot. You are coming to our homeland. What are you doing there? What does Zap, Metîna, Kurojahro, Rojava [South Kurdistan/North and East Syria] have to do with you? Won’t people question this? But I guess the spear no longer fits in the sack.

They have been crushed, and if they persist any longer, it has become clear what the end will be. Who is responsible for all this? The current AKP-MHP policies, the policies of the Tayyip Erdoğan administration. But he still insists. He says: “We will not give the war barons and terror barons a chance.” But I want to ask him: Who is practicing more terror than you? Who makes more war than you? Who comes out in front of hundreds of thousands of people and says, “Do you know how much a bullet costs?” or “Do you know how much that gun costs?” They deceive Turkish society that they are domestic and national. None of these wars are domestic or national on their part. Their forces are all bought and assembled here and there. Let people examine and research, they will realize that this is the truth.

The fascist administration was being advertised so much. Why? To kill Kurds. There is such a fascist, colonialist, genocidal mentality that has focused itself only in Kurdish enmity, Kurdish massacre and genocide. The current Tayyip Erdoğan and their so-called ‘People’s Alliance’ are responsible for this. Our HSM expressed clearly; “If they do not withdraw from here, they will die, we will not be responsible for their deaths.” Now we are not responsible for their deaths, Tayyip Erdoğan’s administration is. Whoever in Turkey is a democrat, whoever is patriotic, whoever loves their people, their young people, let them know that Tayyip Erdoğan and Devlet Bahçeli are to blame.

They are also using funerals to win elections. They have turned funeral ceremonies into rallies to win elections. They send the sons of society, kill them and make election propaganda over their corpses. They are so hypocritical and self-interested. They use everything for their own interests, even the dead. And they call them martyrs. Is that how you approach a martyr? Is a martyr your election propaganda?

In its 40th year, the guerrillas continue to strike crushing blows against the enemy by renewing themselves on the basis of the August 15 resistance. It continues its struggle for freedom at the most advanced level. The guerrillas are the strongest participant and the biggest force in our freedom campaign. These actions have overwhelmed the enemy, raised the hopes of the revolutionary democratic forces and comforted them. Let those who are looking for guerrilla features in Hamas take a look to Zap, let them see the real guerrilla, let them watch and learn what real guerrilla action is like.

I mean, people should not look for it elsewhere. This is a mistake. What are real guerrilla features? How do the guerrilla fight, what is their style of striking, what are its target; the guerrillas of Kurdistan can be analyzed. The current actions have revealed this, they have shown it clearly.

Indeed, the guerrillas again put the final point in 2023. They showed that everything is in their hands. They have the initiative in this matter now. We were already saying that it was locked and deadlocked until now. Now a new solution is starting. This is the process of sweeping the occupier. It is the process of liberating occupied places. The current guerrilla action at this level is an action of crushing, an action of sweeping. Everyone needs to see and understand this. So, as the saying goes, the arrival of Thursday is clear from Wednesday; let’s say that the arrival of 2024 is clear from 2023. It was the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla that demonstrated this in the best and clearest way. On this basis, in the name of the central committee of the PKK I greet everyone who participated and contributed to these actions, all the commanders and fighters of the ‘People’s Defence Forces’ (HPG) and the ‘Free Women’s Units’ (YJA-Star). I congratulate them on their great success, which gives everyone excitement and hope, hope for victory. I wish them greater success in 2024. I believe they will succeed.

Let everyone believe, let our people believe, let our international friends believe. As a singer once said, “trust in the love of your mountains”. Everyone should trust in the guerrilla’s love. They are worthy of this trust to the end. Therefore, people should not expect anything from elsewhere. On this basis, I congratulate all our guerrilla forces once again. I wish them success in the new year.