Kalkan underlines the important role of Abdullah Öcalan for a genuine peace/democratization process

Duran Kalkan analyzed the basis for resolving the Kurdish question and the associated democratization of the Middle East.

In an extensive analysis, Duran Kalkan, member of the KCK Executive Council, addressed the issue of the solution to the Kurdish question and the associated democratization of the Middle East. In particular, he underlined the important role of Abdullah Öcalan in a genuine peace/democratization process. 

The analysis is as follows: 

We are facing a fascist regime armed from head to toe, and we see that it is trying to turn every aspect of life into a part of the psychological special warfare. Society, people from 7 to 70, faces such a total attack of the fascist special war 24 hours, every day. This has a serious ideological, political and military meaning. On this basis, the will of the Kurdish society and revolutionary democratic forces is wanted to be broken. The nerves of Kurdish society and its international friends are being played with. The attack continues on the point they are most sensitive to, the point they consider the justification for war and peace, namely Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. This is a very dangerous attack, a serious incident, a situation that cannot be approached lightly or taken lightly in any way. It is a completely planned, organized and purposefully developed psychological special warfare attack.

It should not be forgotten that Imrali is the place where the war is the most intense and fierce. There are attacks of fascist-genocidal special warfare and psychological warfare every second. All of life takes place as resistance against these attacks. The harshest and deepest struggle is taking place on Imrali. The system of isolation and torture on Imrali continues, and it is being tried to be continued by aggravating it. The events clearly show us this reality. Also, we see that the mentality and politics that led to this is trying to continue its planned and organized attacks and sovereignty. There should not be any misconception here either.

Now, not only the Kurds, but all revolutionary democratic forces, women, youth and peoples of Turkey, as well as all the progressive, democratic and socialist forces of the Middle East and the world clearly see that the solution lies on Imrali, that the power of solution is Rêber Apo, and that the solution of the Kurdish question can be realized on the basis of the theoretical paradigmatic and policy developed by Rêber Apo. Everyone has realized that there cannot be a solution without Rêber Apo. If the Kurdish problem is to be solved and on this basis a Kurdish-Turkish peace is to be realized in this world, everyone now clearly sees and understands much better and more deeply that this can only be realized under the leadership of Rêber Apo and that only Rêber Apo is the power to achieve this.

In the past, Rêber Apo and our Party used to express this in various ways. Over time, the women and youth of the Kurdish people have grasped this reality and have turned to expressing it and taking action on this basis, but this is no longer an event that is limited to the Rêber Apo, the PKK or the Kurdish people, it has now become a phenomenon that has extended far beyond them to the peoples of Turkey and has drawn in the libertarian democratic forces of the Middle East and the world. Everyone knows the issue now. Everyone knows the reality of Rêber Apo much better now. Therefore, they know the Kurdish problem. ‘Who created the Kurdish problem, what does this problem mean, what kind of interests do they gain from the existence of the so-called Kurdish problem? Who wants to solve the problem, how can it really be solved, what does the reality of Rêber Apo mean in this context?’ They have reached a position to give very accurate and effective answers to these questions. For this reason, the eyes and ears of everyone who wants freedom and democracy, who wants peace and stability are on Imrali. The question is whether or not Rêber Apo’s path will be paved and he will be able to live and work freely.

On this basis, the focus is on the revelation of whether a solution to the Kurdish problem is wanted to be developed. This situation continues to spread and deepen, it does not diminish. On this occasion, it would be useful to mention again the declaration issued by Rêber Apo in 2019 and the will he put forward in the meeting on May 2, 2019. At that time, there were many people who appreciated Rêber Apo’s evaluations, who said that this was a great opportunity and advantage, and that this opportunity must be used correctly without delay and without wasting it. Because they saw the importance and significance of the matter. They once again saw and understood the resolving power, will, seriousness and responsibility of the reality of Rêber Apo.

Despite all kinds of slander, lies, deceit, confusion and obfuscation by the special psychological warfare, Rêber Apo revealed a reality that clarified and illuminated everything again with the attitude he put forward. He made all those games of obfuscation and obscuration futile and unsuccessful. He once again offered an opportunity and possibility to all those who are passionate about freedom and democracy and see this in the solution of the Kurdish question. They received courage, morale and strength to work in this direction. On this basis, Rêber Apo’s call was a call for awareness, organization and action.

Another important message is that in the past, in order to find a solution at such a point, Rêber Apo always warned the circles that created the Kurdish problem and made it unsolvable. Rather than warning the circles that created the Kurdish problem and made it unsolvable and asking them to change themselves, this time Rêber Apo addressed those who are outside of them, those who want a solution to the Kurdish problem, those who want the freedom of Kurds and the democratization of Turkey and the Middle East, and laid out what they should do. He said, “If you insist on this demand, then you will do the daily ideological, political and active work that this requires. Even though I am being held alone in a cell like this at this age, I am working 24 hours a day, I am concentrating on the solution, I am researching, I am in search of a solution 24 hours a day. So, if you really want a solution, you will also work 24 hours a day in this direction like me, you have more opportunities, more possibilities. Therefore, you will use them, raise your consciousness, organize yourselves and become a real force of solution. You will overcome and defeat the forces that impose insolvency, that are obstacles to a solution, and you will increase your will and strength.” This was important. On this basis, he called on everyone to struggle against the Imrali isolation, and thus for everyone to fight harder for their own freedom and democracy. “Imrali isolation is isolation for everyone. Everyone must struggle to break their own isolation. Everyone must fight for their own freedom and democracy, then the Imrali torture and isolation system will be broken, and freedom and democracy will come to Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East,” he said and thus called on those who want freedom, democracy, who want a solution to the Kurdish question, who are against the Imrali torture and isolation system, not to leave it in words, but to transform it into more consciousness, organization and joint action, to create greater power.

He said that the sovereign powers have united their forces in two blocs, one in the form of the so-called ‘People’s Alliance’ and one in the form of the so-called ‘Nation’s Alliance’, so that they mutually hold the administration and power in Turkey, but that this is a two-legged seesaw of power that cannot turn into a table, so a third leg is necessary, and that the forces that want the freedom of Kurdistan and the democratization of Turkey should be able to unite around a democracy alliance and form this third leg. He said that only if the equation of Turkey can become a table like this, if it turns itself into a third pillar, then the libertarian and democratic forces can become the power to solve all economic, social and political problems, especially the Kurdish problem, the women’s problem, the problem of Alevis, the problem of workers and laborers, and called on them to work on this basis. It called for more intense struggle and more effective unity.

Undoubtedly, he cared about the existing ones, did not despise them, and greeted them all with respect. He said, “I salute everyone who struggles against the Imrali isolation, who takes to the streets”, he saluted the press, he saluted democratic politics. He showed that he cares, that he considers what is being done important. In order to overcome the current power blocs and thus to reveal a sufficient level to eliminate the Imrali torture and isolation system, we need to become more conscious, more organized, more united, more powerful. The movement for democracy must develop and grow more, and draw the society into the ranks of democracy by raising more awareness, organizing and educating them. It has revealed that it is necessary to enlighten the people who have been deceived, deceived by the ruling blocs, the fascist special warfare forces, who have been deceived and bought by lies, and to draw them into the forces of democracy, into the movement for democracy. This was very important. It is indeed a call for awareness, organization and action. It is once again a clear demonstration that this is where the solution lies. In this way, Rêber Apo criticized the approaches and attitudes that do not raise consciousness, do not organize, do not unite, do not struggle more, always waiting for someone else, waiting for the fascist government, waiting for the CHP bloc. He has once again clearly expressed and demonstrated that no results and success can be achieved with that attitude and approach.

He pointed out that propaganda work should be further developed as an educational work for society. In essence, he stated that democratic politics should be enlarged, strengthened and gradually turn itself into the strongest candidate for power. Rêber Apo has once again shown that such a level can definitely be achieved by resisting and struggling despite all kinds of pressure, arrests, persecution and hindrances. This is what needs to be understood. On this basis, he said to everyone who wants a solution to the Kurdish question, who wants to free Turkey and democratic Kurdistan, “the solution lays in your hands, you are the power of solution, if you become conscious, organize and struggle, you will turn yourself into the power of solution, the solution is in your hands, you will create the solution. So don’t wait for others, don’t be pessimistic, become more conscious, organize more and wage a more effective struggle. That is when you will win.”

Everyone should know this fact very well: After 25 years of resistance against the torture and isolation system on Imrali, Rêber Apo is not doing these things because there is a good life there. Let’s be careful, there is no good life there. What is there? There is 24 hours of oppression, torture, cruelty, material and moral domination. Psychological pressure and attack is in question every moment of the 24 hours of the day. Therefore, one cannot live on Imrali under normal conditions, one cannot resist the pressure on Imrali, one cannot survive on Imrali. Rêber Apo has demonstrated this in the most concrete way many times, both in the talks and in his prepared prison writings.

Despite all this, why and how does Rêber Apo resist? He said that he “resists for a great purpose” and expressed the following: “If there are no lofty goals and if there is no commitment to them at the level of tuktu, one cannot survive a day here, one cannot live 24 hours a day, one certainly cannot endure this isolation, torture and persecution. However, the existence of lofty goals makes one able to resist such persecution, gives one the strength to resist and succeed.” He made this clear. So what does this lofty goal mean? Of course it includes the freedom of the Kurds, the democratization of Turkey, the democratic unity and brotherhood of the peoples of the Middle East. It means the freedom of women and the preparation of a free and democratic future for the youth. He struggles for the elimination of all kinds of fascist capitalist systems of oppression, exploitation, oppression, harassment, rape, massacres, fascist terror, exploitation to the bone. One cannot struggle for anything else, one cannot endure on Imrali. Let’s be careful, there is no beautiful life, no material life on Imrali. One cannot achieve anything for oneself by resisting on Imrali. Therefore, Rêber Apo is not resisting to create a good life for himself. He is resisting for freedom and democracy to win. He is resisting for the end of fascist oppression and terror. He resists for the liberation of humanity from capitalist oppression and exploitation. He resists and struggles for women to become free, equal and strong-willed subjects of life. This point is very important. How is Rêber Apo resisting on Imrali? How should this resistance be understood, how is this ‘superhuman’, miraculous attitude and stance shown? It is very important to answer these questions correctly and understand them in depth.

First of all, this point must be clearly known: Why is there resistance, what is the purpose of that resistance? How is it resisted, what are the methods? How can such resistance be sustained? Here we see the level of the reality of Rêber Apo and his commitment to the historical society and to a free and democratic existence. We see the great will for freedom, the will for democracy. Otherwise, one cannot easily resist there for individual interests, for material life. Against such an intensified and refined system of oppression and torture, one cannot keep one’s spirit, emotions, thoughts intact, one cannot keep one’s behavior under control, in short, one cannot resist. What is it that gives Rêber Apo the strength to endure and enables him to win by finding the right methods and resisting? This is the reality he calls ‘lofty goals’. As a result of his dedication to the free and democratic lives of women, youth, laborers, all oppressed people and peoples, and not wanting anything for himself, such a reality of resistance emerges. If we say, ‘Let the torture and isolation system on Imrali be overthrown, let Rêber Apo live and work in free conditions, let fascism be overthrown, let the Kurds be free and Turkey be democratic’, then we will find the will, the consciousness, the style, the passion to realize this. This is Rêber Apo’s will and way of resistance. We will learn these from the reality of Rêber Apo’s resistance on Imrali. The only way of struggle that will break the Imrali torture and isolation system, defeat the conspiracy, overthrow fascism, make Rêber Apo live and work freely, make Turkey democratic and Kurdistan free is Rêber Apo’s way of life and resistance.

In 2024, in order to fight against the Imrali torture and isolation system, first of all, it is necessary to reach this consciousness and depth, to have such a belief, and on this basis, to turn to organized struggle. Everyone should understand better and wage more organized struggle. Everyone should do their best. It must be known that the aggravated isolation and torture on Imrali is the aggravated isolation and torture that is applied to everyone in Turkey and Kurdistan. All oppression, cruelty and exploitation draw strength from the existence of the Imrali torture and isolation system. The peoples of the Middle East and the world, humanity is threatened by such a fascist colonialist-genocidal mentality and politics. Therefore, the way out of all this is to fight against the Imrali torture and isolation system. As long as Imrali torture and isolation exist, there will be no freedom, no democracy, no one will be able to live free and democratic lives. There will be isolation, torture, fascism, massacres, harassment, rape and genocide everywhere. Therefore, democracy and freedom can only be realized by breaking the Imrali torture and isolation system. There can be no freedom and democracy for anyone in Kurdistan or in Turkey until the Imrali torture and isolation system is broken and Rêber Apo is able to live and work freely. The struggle against the Imrali torture and isolation system has become the basic essence of the antifascist struggle for democracy. On this basis, it is necessary to raise the struggle even more. Rêber Apo drew attention to this and called for it. “Become more conscious, organize more, unite more strongly and fight more intensely. Everyone should be able to fight on the basis of utilizing whatever opportunities they can, wherever they are.” This is the basic perspective. It is a perspective for those who call it a perspective, an instruction for those who perceive it as an instruction, a request for those who accept it, but a call for everyone to antifascist, libertarian and democratic resistance.

Especially Kurdish women are everywhere, slogans were chanted in Kurdish all over the world saying “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî”. No matter how much fascism tries to make us forget Kurdish within the borders of the Turkish Republic, women all over the world now speak Kurdish, chant slogans in Kurdish, everyone is learning Kurdish. The oppressed, workers, civil servants, peoples, all oppressed segments are inspired by the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and march towards the struggle for freedom by understanding and assimilating the philosophy of Rêber Apo, believing that they will achieve their own liberation. The Kurds have created a freedom struggle that leads and inspires so many oppressed people. They have made the oppressed, all of humanity, speak Kurdish, the language that the genocidal capitalist modernity system wanted to ban and destroy. What could be greater and more beautiful than this?

On the other hand, the enthusiasm, will and endurance of women are at the highest level. It reveals that humanity is the closest of all times to living freely on the basis of women’s liberation. Quantitatively millions are being reached, the enthusiasm is at the highest level, the demands are concrete and women want freedom and equality. They are demonstrating the will to create a development in which all kinds of male-dominated mentality and politics are broken and destroyed, and women’s freedom is achieved on the basis of revolution.

This means that we must not narrow our agenda, and we must not have narrow emotional approaches. There should be no distancing and narrowing from the struggle. We must carry out our struggle for freedom and democracy with a more creative and richer understanding and style that sees and understands the target more accurately and knows how to neutralize it. We must organize and develop new moves of struggle. We must be able to utilize every opportunity and possibility in this regard. We must be extremely creative and strong-willed.

In this framework, we will definitely create a result in 2024 that breaks the isolation, destroys fascism, makes Kurdistan free and Turkey and the Middle East democratic. We will fight stronger and win bigger. On this basis, I congratulate the New Year of all our people and democratic humanity and wish them great success.