KCK: AKP-MHP fascism was defeated on March 31

KCK: It wasn’t just an election won on March 31, it was AKP-MHP fascism that was defeated. The process after this should be to ensure the removal of this government through anti-war, democratic policies.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on the elections held on Sunday.

The KCK statement is as follows:

“The AKP-MHP fascist alliance claimed Turkey has a perpetuity problem, that domestic and foreign groups were carrying out operations against Turkey to create enemies both in and outside of the country to rile up chauvinism to win the March 31 local elections under unprecedented inequality and severe pressures in Turkey. They wanted to garner legitimacy for their weakened and ideologically and socially shaken government. This way they would have been able to continue their war policies in and outside the country to keep their government going. But the peoples of Turkey and the forces of democracy dealt a grand blow to the perpetuity demagogy of the AKP-MHP fascist government that exposes their anti-Kurdish, anti-woman, anti-worker and anti-democracy sentiment. The peoples rejected the fascist policies and warmongering of the AKP-MHP alliance, built over the perpetuity issue. They responded to the AKP-MHP fascism’s anti-Kurdish sentiment with fraternity of peoples and a will to live together.


The AKP-MHP fascist alliance has been defeated in Kurdistan and in Turkey. The order of trustees who robbed the people of their will has been ended. The Turkish state has managed to get some party member trustees elected mayor with fraud and gerrymandering in Sirnak and some provinces and districts they use as headquarters for their war, but these can’t cover up the AKP government’s deep defeat in Turkey and Kurdistan. AKP’s and its leader Tayyip Erdogan’s anti-Kurdish and anti-democracy policies have lost. It was the MHP who came out better in this alliance and the policies they proposed as they were at the brink of disappearance before. Tayyip Erdogan has served the MHP with his anti-Kurdish and anti-democracy narrative. The AKP has strayed from its discourse and policies from back when they first came to power, and with this has taken its place among the short-lived political parties in Turkey’s history. The AKP government, if they continue with these policies, will be unable to remain in power in a not too far future.


In the March 31 elections, HDP has sought a correct strategy that will affect Turkey’s future. Turkey’s democratic stock and the Kurdish people have acted according to this strategy and launched a new period in Turkey’s struggle for democracy. The Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey have come together in the longing for a democratic Turkey, and started to work together, which will play an important role in changing the political landscape in Turkey. The peoples of Turkey have joined their fates with the Kurds, their neighbors of a thousand years, and put forth a stand to create a democratic Turkey. On March 31, the peoples of Turkey have given a historic response to the AKP-MHP policies that pit them against each other, and took an important step towards the democratic union of the peoples of Turkey. When the March 31 elections are analyzed correctly by all forces of democracty in Turkey, the crises and deadends Turkey has been pushed into through wrongful policies will be overcome and Turkey will start to live under a political, social, economic and cultural system that is governed by peace and stability in the 21st century.

We commend the peoples of Turkey, the Kurdish people, all workers, all women, all youth and all forces of democracy as a whole for their success in the March 31 elections that created a new hope for Turkey.


The fascist alliance of the AKP-MHP have lost all cities that carry a party to power in Turkey. It is difficult for a party to remain in power after losing cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Mersin and Antalya. As they have also lost in Kurdistan, the AKP-MHP fascist alliance is at a point where they can no longer govern Turkey.

What has made the AKP-MHP alliance lose in these elections was the Kurds and forces of democracy who have shown a grand resistance against fascist pressure in recent years. They have stopped the fascist government from achieving total control with their resistance, kept the hope in forces of democracy alive and defeated fascism on March 31. The Kurdish people resisting the strictest of oppression and insisting on a joint struggle for democracy together with the peoples of Turkey has created today’s political climate. It has been seen once again that the Kurdish people are the most fundamental dynamic for democracy in Turkey and the Middle East.

The results of this election have shown all political forces in Turkey the direction of the correct policies to follow. It has been seen that the democratic nation and common homeland line can resolve the fundamental issues in Turkey and turn it into an exemplary country with its democratic character. The resistance of DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven and comrades in prisons and in Europe to break the isolation and tear down fascism has also played an important role in exposing the AKP-MHP fascism and pushing it back. Peoples of Turkey and forces of democracy seeing the possible political outcome that breaking the isolation will create in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East has had an effect in the defeat of the AKP-MHP fascism in the March 31 elections.


The outcome of these elections has shown the peoples of Turkey and all political forces as well as all international powers and institutions who want peace and stability in Turkey what policies should be followed. The democratic union of Turkey’s peoples which has become concrete in these elections also shows how the solution to the Kurdish issue should be. Breaking the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo and ensuring his free living and working conditions is extremely important for the democratization of Turkey. The defeat of AKP-MHP fascism on March 31 has also shown that all forces of democracy should participate in the struggle by Leyla Guven and prisoners to break the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo, because Leader Apo will play an important role and have great contributions to the solution of the Kurdish issue, the democratic national unity of the peoples of Turkey and the creation of Democratic Turkey. The 20 years of efforts by Leader Apo in Imrali are proof of that.


The election success of the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy shouldn’t be limited to the election alone, it should be utilized towards defeating AKP-MHP fascism completely and democratizing Turkey. Such a societal, political and psychological atmosphere has been created already. The rejection of AKP-MHP government’s hostility against Kurdish people and their perpetuity demagogy in cities and regions that determine the cultural, economical, societal and political life in the country has created a huge opportunity to create a change in thinking and the development of democratic policies. Now all forces of democracy have a duty to defeat the AKP-MHP fascism completely and to create a democratic Turkey. The AKP-MHP fascist alliance’s calls that there won’t be any elections for 4 years so everybody should accept the current government’s policies and stop fighting to change anything should be responded to by increasing the resistance. The fight should continue through all democratic and legitimate means. Because it wasn’t just an election victory on March 31, the AKP-MHP fascism was defeated. The process now should serve to take down this government through anti-war, democratic policies.

We commend the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy for their stance and success in the March 31 elections and call on all to raise the struggle, taking strength from the democratic union of the peoples of Turkey with the spirit of March 31.”