KCK: All humanity has a responsibility for northern Syria

KCK called upon everyone to join the historic resistance and to build the Democratic Civilization era in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement on the Turkish state’s attacks and threats of invasion against North and East Syria aiming to strangle the revolution in Rojava.

KCK said that a democratic front should be formed against Turkish invasion of northern Syria like the front formed to defend human values against ISIS before.

Full text of the statement by KCK Executive Council Co-presidency reads as follows;

“The genocidal colonialist Turkish state that has long tried hard to strangle the Rojava Revolution by means of ISIS mercenaries and to eliminate the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria has personally come into play now. Turkey seeks to keep its fascist genocidal system standing by shattering the democratic system in North-East Syria, which forms the basis for Syria’s democratization. Having uttered no single word while Tal Abyad (Gire Spi) and surroundings were under ISIS control, the Turkish state now wants to launch its first attack from here to spread it to entire North-East Syria. The peoples of the region, who have more than 10 thousand martyrs and 20 thousand wounded, are under the attack of the Turkish state that supports ISIS. What encourages this is the Trump administration that claims to have defeated ISIS. The agreement made between the US and Turkey asserting to ensure border security proved to be a deal that paves the way for an invasion and legitimizes it. In this way, the ISIS supporter Turkish state is awarded while the Northern Syrian peoples, who gave more than 10 thousand martyrs and whose cities were burned to the ground, are punished. Our peoples are once again faced with the ice-cold interests of capitalist modernity.


As al-Nusra and ISIS attacked and captured everywhere following the eruption of the crisis in Syria, Kurdish people rose up, expelled the State forces from their villages, towns and cities, and built their self-rule. The revolutionaries of Rojava enabled a safe return for the Syrian soldiers and public servants. Al-Nusra and ISIS then attacked the areas where Kurds built a self-rule together with Syriacs and Arabs, and attempted to dominate these places with their bloody order of atrocities. As well as Kurds, the peoples in northern Syria -Arabs, Syriacs and all others- resisted these attacks of mercenaries and built their free and democratic living areas. The beginning of the end for ISIS was achieved thanks to the historic resistance in Kobanê where it was defeated.

The peoples of northern Syria took part in the anti-ISIS International Coalition forces and played a determining role in the defeat of ISIS. Sacrificing 10 thousand lives, they fought not only for themselves but for the whole humanity. With this resistance, North-East Syria became a free and democratic living area for not only Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs but for all humanity. In this respect, all humanity has a political, conscientious and moral responsibility for the free and democratic living area in North-East Syria. Humanity has the historic mission of being on the side of those resisting against an attack on this territory.


Rojava revolutionaries and the peoples of North-East Syria have never engaged in an attack against any country and they have repeatedly made it clear that they stand for the unity of Syria. They have expressed their advocation of Syrian borders and unity, and highlighted their willingness for the solution of the problems within the framework of Syria’s democratization. From this point of view, it is nothing but demagogy and lie to argue that Rojava revolutionaries and the North-East Syrian administration disrupt the territorial integrity of Syria. Moreover, if it wasn’t for the resistance of the Rojava revolutionaries and the peoples of North-East Syria against ISIS and al-Nusra, entire Syria would have ended up captured by these mercenaries. The peoples of North-East Syria building a democratic autonomous administration means them defending both the territorial integrity and political unity of Syria. Contrary to Turkey’s claims, it is actually Turkey itself that threatens and attacks North-East Syria. Turkey has sole purpose; to demolish the democratic system, to displace the people and settle mercenaries and their families in the occupied areas, as in Afrin.

We, the Kurdish Freedom Movement, have always been for and promoted the solution of the problems of the Kurds in North-East Syria within the unity of Syria. We have highlighted that we are against any mindset and attempt that is aimed for splitting Syria. Again today, we advocate for the solution of the problems within the framework of Syria’s democratization.

The biggest threat and aggressor against the unity of Syria and the free-democratic life of peoples is the Turkish state. The only de-facto occupying force that threatens the territorial integrity of Syria is the Turkish state. What every force that stands for Syria’s unity should do now is to fight against Turkish invasion and to root these occupying forces out of Syrian lands. The political and military existence of no political force in Syria will have a reason and meaning once the Turkish invasion is brought to an end and steps for democratization are taken.


Turkish invasion of North-East Syria will be an attack against the Kurds and peoples of Syria and the Middle East as well as all peoples of the world. This invasion attempt is made with the ultimate goal of crushing the democratic dynamisms in Syria and the Middle East and helping the humanity’s enemy reactionary forces remain standing. For this reason, this invasion aggression should be countered by the whole humanity, the peoples of Syria and the Middle East being in the first place. All democratic communities, political movements and institutions should take their sides with those resisting against this invasion. A democratic front should be formed against Turkish invasion like the front formed to defend human values against ISIS before. This is the very order of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in the struggle against ISIS.

It is not only Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and other peoples in Syria that have fought ISIS. Internationalists from all around the world came and resisted there, with some of them falling as martyrs and others getting wounded, including from Argentine, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, America, Africa, Spain, Holland, Italy, Russia, South America, Albania and Turkey. It is the political, moral and conscientious responsibility of all humanity to protect the positions formed by these martyrs and veterans. From this point of view, we call on all humanity to stand with those resisting the genocidal Turkish invasion.


The Turkish state is a leading enemy of the Kurds. Turkey’s attacks against Rojava Kurdistan and North-East Syria originates from its Kurdish hostility in the first place. In this respect, this attack is aimed at the entire Kurdish people. Like each achievement in a part of Kurdistan strengthens other parts, each loss weakens all the Kurds. Knowing that this attack is aimed for themselves, our people in four parts of Kurdistan should stand up and take active part in the struggle of the peoples of Rojava and North-East Syria. Those resisting the invasion should be given support of all kinds, including participation in the battle.

The people of Kurdistan and their friends should rise up everywhere they are, make their actions permanent and form a resistance chain around the peoples of North-East Syria. It is time to rise and defeat the genocidal colonialist AKP-MHP fascism. We call upon everyone to join this historic resistance and to build the Democratic Civilization era in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East.”