KCK: August 3 should be recognized as Day Against Femicide

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency: “The 74th genocide is proof that the result of intolerance against diverse faiths and ethnic identities in the Middle East is genocide.”

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency issued a written statement and said, “The August 3, 2014 ISIS attack against Yazidis should be recognized by the United Nations, European Union and all international institutions as a genocide. Because of the inhumane attack against Yazidi women, every year August 3 should be recognized as the day against femicide and all of humanity should support women as they carry a black band in remembrance.”

The KCK Executive Council Co-presidency statement is as follows:

“We are entering year six of the 74th genocide against Yazidi people committed by the inhuman ISIS gangs. We remember with respect the people who lost their lives and who suffered in this genocidal attack. We promise to keep the free and autonomous Ezidxan (Yazidi land) alive like they longed for.

The dark ISIS gangs attacked Shengal 5 years ago in an attempt to commit a genocide against Yazidis. Military forces in the area at the time didn’t stand against ISIS as they attacked Shengal and killed thousands of Yazidis. Thousands more, mostly women and children, were abducted and women were sold in slave markets. 12 HPG guerrillas who were close to the region intervened with the genocidal attack, and rescued hundreds of thousands of Yazidis from genocide. This small group of guerrillas were supported by YPG and YPJ fighters who rushed to the area from Rojava, and Shengal was saved from falling completely under ISIS control. The Guerilla displayed one of the greatest heroic acts in human history and saved the military and political forces in the region, as well as all of humanity, from the shame of a genocide.


The 74th genocide on August 3, 2014 has shown that the Yazidis, the oldest faith in history, need an autonomous status. The Yazidi people must govern themselves freely and autonomously in Shengal and anywhere else they live. They must have their self-defense. Iraq, the UN and all international powers have a responsibility in ensuring such an autonomy. Yazidis are heritage for all political powers, peoples and human rights organizations. This legacy must be protected as free and autonomous. Yazidis not having a free and autonomous life to date is a shame for all of humanity. On August 3, 2014, Ezidxan becoming free and autonomous is a responsibility for all of humanity. The Iraqi state must guarantee Ezidxan’s autonomous and free status in the constitution at once. KDP, PUK, Gorran, Yekgurti, PKK, PYD and all Kurdish parties and organizations must fulfill their duty in ensuring freedom and autonomy for Ezidxan.

The 74th genocide is proof that the result of intolerance against diverse faiths and ethnic identities in the Middle East is genocide. As such, the Democratic Nation understanding, with its equal and free view for diverse faiths, ethnicities and cultures, is a salve for the Middle East’s issues. Otherwise, the Middle East won’t be rid of the shame of genocide. Ezidxan’s autonomy will be an exemplary model for Iraq and the Middle East for the democratic nation.

The August 3, 2014 ISIS attack against Yazidis should be recognized as a genocide by the UN, EU and all international bodies. Because of the inhumane attack against Yazidi women, August 3 should be recognized as the Day Against Femicide and women carrying a black band should be supported by all of humanity. These attacks against Yazidi women should be condemned and the patriarchal mind should be buried in history in the same lands that it emerged. All peoples of the Middle East should take a women’s emancipatory approach against the dark mind of ISIS, and turn the Middle East back into lands where women’s freedom reigns as it did in history.

Leader Apo has been fighting for decades so Yazidis achieve a free and democratic life and practice their faith freely. Before both the 2007 and the 2014 attacks, he asked for the protection of Yazidis. That is why the guerrilla took position close to Shengal before the 2014 attacks and intervened when ISIS took action. In this sense, both the Freedom Movement and humanity at large owe a lot to Leader Apo. If Leader Apo hadn’t asked and warned to protect Yazidis, this genocide wouldn’t have been prevented. All of humanity should know this fact and that Leader Apo’s understanding of Democratic Nation proposes peace, democracy and freedom for all of humanity.

On the sixth year of the 74th genocide, we repeat our promise to fight for a free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East on the basis of Democratic Nation to realize the longings of Yazidi women and all who lost their lives in this genocide.”