KCK:Guerrilla will resist till the liberation of Kurdistan people

"With their resistance, the guerrilla shows not only the Turkish state and the friend and foe that this struggle will continue until a free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East is realized," said the KCK.

The Executive Council Co-presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement on the latest developments in Kurdistan territory.

Full text of the KCK statement reads as follows:

“The AKP-MHP government is increasing its attacks as the genocidal colonialist mindset and political system that it has been advocating weakens. It grows even more aggressive as the Kurdish people respond to its genocidal colonialist attacks with resistance. Just like all the previous governments that did not recognize the existence and free and democratic life of the Kurdish people, it repeats daily the discourse that the Kurds will be wiped out. As an enemy seeking to eliminate the Kurdish existence, they use all their means to crash the will of the Kurds.

The Kurdish enemy AKP-MHP government has launched a wave of intensified attacks on June 15. Its blatant attacks on Shengal and Maxmur have once again laid bare the current Turkish government’s character with animosity against the Kurds and humanity. The fact that Turkey’s attacks do not distinguish between civilians and guerrillas has been exposed once again with the killing of 5 Kurdish civilians in Sheladize and Metina. We express our condolences to the families of all martyrs, and we call on our people to increase the resistance against occupation as a matter of loyalty to the martyrs.


In parallel with its attacks on Maxmur and Shengal on June 15, the Turkish state launched an occupation operation in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones. The goal with these attacks is both to inflict a blow to the guerrilla force and to expand further the occupation of South Kurdistan. By expanding its bases and zones in the region, Turkey intends to occupy and annex the whole of South Kurdistan territory when it gets a chance. As they see the PKK and the guerrilla as an obstacle in achieving their goal, they want to eliminate this by means of such attacks.


The Kurdish Freedom Movement and guerrilla have been resisting selflessly everywhere against these attacks since they know that the Turkish state’s goal is to destroy Kurdishness. By inflicting heavy blows on the Turkish forces in Heftanin, the guerrilla force has once again made it clear to the Turkish state that it will not achieve its goal of a genocide. As in the past 36 years, the guerrillas will be resisting until the people of Kurdistan are free and Kurdish national existence is guaranteed. They will resist at any cost and defeat the genocidal colonialist mindset, policy and practices.


We commend the guerrillas and the entire commanding force that have manifested the Kurdish people’s will for freedom, their commitment and persistence with their resistance in Heftanin. Guerrilla is the honor and future of the Kurdish people. With their resistance, the guerrilla force represents the Kurdish dignity at highest level and proves that a free future is awaiting the Kurdish people. The Turkish state has been attacking the Kurdish Freedom Movement and guerrilla for 40 years now in an attempt to eliminate and destroy them. In response to this, guerrillas are resisting with great sacrifices and bringing out valuable achievements for the Kurdish people. The sacrifices made up to date have brought about great achievements and developments and will continue to do so. Our great martyr Mazlum Doğan’s saying ‘Resistance is life’ is proven every day as the Kurdish people exist by resisting and achieve major developments for a free and democratic life. Basing on the saying ‘Resistance is life’ as the philosophy of life and struggle, the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people will achieve a free and democratic life everywhere through resistance.


Guerrilla is the symbol of Kurdish selflessness. As the children of the Kurdish people who bear the resolve, will and passion for freedom, they are resisting selflessly and driving the enemy to despair. In each renewed attack, the enemy finds an even more powerful and committed resistance. With their resistance, the guerrilla shows not only the Turkish state and the friend and foe that this struggle will continue until a free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East is realized.

The resistance mounted by the guerrilla in every inch of Kurdistan is a sacred resistance for existence. The Kurdish people should reclaim this guerrilla struggle in four parts of Kurdistan and everywhere else. Each Kurd should stand behind this resistance. Especially Kurdish young women and men should further take to the guerrilla areas and join the ranks of the guerrilla force to manifest the Kurdish people’s will for freedom.

We remember with respect and gratitude all the guerrillas who fell putting up a brave fight against the occupation attacks of the enemy, We salute the resisting guerrillas in the name of our Movement and people, and wish them great success in their struggle to ensure a free existence of our people.”