KCK's Bayık: Peace and solution only possible through struggle

KCK Executive Council Co-president Cemil Bayık said: “Peace and solution are only possible through struggle. Anybody who says anything different than struggle, is serving the aims of the genocidal colonialism.”

KCK Executive Council Co-president Cemil Bayık said the following in the article he wrote for the Azadiya Welat and Yeni Özgür Politika newspapers, which was translated by ANF English service below:

“We don’t remember another fascist leader in world history who openly admits to his cruelty like Tayyip Erdoğan. Tayyip Erdoğan now says he will end the Kurdish people, with no need for any covers. Some Kurdish cohorts may wish to cover up Tayyip Erdoğan’s fascist face, but Tayyip Erdoğan tears through those covers. He says he will end the Kurd. He says there can be no nation, no political will, no administration on these lands except for the Turk. Talking of the “One” every day, he displays his mindset by saying he will not recognize the Kurd, the Kurdistan and the political will of the Kurds. They all say they will continue this war until the last guerilla is gone.

Nobody should expect a solution approach to the Kurdish issue from the AKP government. Those expecting any steps from the AKP government after this discourse and these practices will be fooling themselves. When the AKP government with its fascist allies say they will destroy and exterminate the Kurds, one cannot fall prey to carelessness or let its guard down. The democratization of Turkey and the solution to the Kurdish issue is not possible outside of the struggle. The response given by this government to Leader Apo’s efforts for years is very clear. In the current period, the will of the Kurdish people is under a more direct attack. They want to complete the genocide by breaking this will. This is very clear, nobody should have any doubt in this matter. The decision, objective, approach and practice of the genocidal colonialism is this.

What’s important is what the stance of the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy will be in the face of this. One thing must be seen: The Kurdish issue can only be solved through a struggle for democracy and a democratic administration. As the dominant mindset in Turkey is denialist and genocidal, as this is the state and government policy, it is impossible to resolve the Kurdish issue with the current political parties and governments. Because the problem isn’t the political demand being too high or too low. There is a policy of denialism and genocide. Thus, only through establishing a democratic administration in Turkey via a struggle for democracy and freedom can the issue be solved. Otherwise, with the anti-democratic mindsets and governments, this issue can not be solved. A rational approach can not be expected of these governments. In this sense, it is only possible to raise the struggle against these governments. Nothing can be done in the name of democracy, freedom and peace before understanding this fact and acting accordingly. Anybody with any expectation outside of this framework will be fooling themselves and the people. And that will allow the genocidal colonialism to implement its policies without a hitch.

During the most recent visit to İmralı, the Kurdish People’s Leader made the analysis again that if the state wants to, the Kurdish issue can be solved in six months. This is a fact. Because the Kurdish People’s Leader aims to solve the Kurdish issue without problematizing state borders. And he has expressed this as the democratic autonomy in the framework of Turkey’s democratization. That is the localization of democracy. But the mindset in Turkey doesn’t accept the liberation of the Kurd’s existence, language or culture; let alone reasonable solutions as this; and thus uses all the instruments of war to the extreme to break the people’s will for freedom. With the dirty war, with the special war, they want to eradicate the Kurdish people’s struggle for a free and democratic life.

This reality shows that the solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey will be through realizing democratization together with the forces of democracy, or the Kurdish people creating their own democratic solution through an organized and democratic society and defending it. These two options are interconnected. If this dual struggle is realized, then Turkey will be democratized and the Kurdish issue will be solved. And to this end, the struggle needs to be raised without ever expecting anything from current powers.

Without a doubt, everybody wants a solution without hardship, without conflict and war. The Kurdish Freedom Movement tried this route with patience, but it wasn’t possible. The Kurdish Freedom Movement has displayed the most reasonable approaches, but it didn’t work. In this situation, whoever thinks freedom can be achieved and peace will come without a resistance, will be fooling themselves, and putting their neck out under the blade of the genocidal colonialist. In this sense, peace cannot come without raising the struggle, and a free and democratic life cannot be earned.

Peace and solution are only possible through struggle. Tayyip Erdoğan says all the oppression and the attacks until now was a beginning, he’s not stopping, he’s marching on and he will do more. Thus, whoever says anything other than struggle, is serving the aims of the genocidal colonialism. In this sense, any peace talk that doesn’t call for developing the struggle or isn’t actively striving to develop the struggle should not be heeded. In this sense, the only thought in the minds of those who want peace and solution should be struggle, struggle, struggle.”