KCK's Hozat: Afrin won’t be abandoned

"Afrin is a matter of honor for Kurds. Giving up on the liberation of Afrin is to give up on the freedom of Rojava and all of Northwestern Syria," said KCK executive Bese Hozat.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-chair Bese Hozat said the Rojava Revolution’s ideology is one of democracy, freedom, equality and peace that rejects nationalism, fundamentalism, sexism and a crude positivism, which is the reason why the racist Turkish nation-state attacks it.

Hozat said: “All who want democracy, freedom, equality, justice and peace should defend the Rojava Revolution and put forth a strong stance against the invading Turkish state.”

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Bese Hozat spoke to the ANF.

A congress was held in Amude, Rojava about the trial of ISIS members. It received great interest internationally. How and where do you think ISIS members should face trial?

The right thing to do is to put ISIS members on trial where they committed the most crimes, where the war was most extensive and where they were defeated. The trials can be done through an international court to be established. It is natural for discussions on the matter to focus on Northern and Eastern Syria. It is important to carry the discussions to completion without much delay. We know some European states agree with this, but like in every other issue Turkey is playing a negative role in this matter too. Turkey works against this, as they fear the Rojava Revolution getting stronger because they don’t want the democratic effects of the revolution to echo in Turkey. The Turkish state wans Turkey to remain within the bounds of a strictly fascist nation state. They think that is the way to go to protect their dirty interests. Supporting and protecting the Rojava revolution is very important for the democratization of Turkey as well. All who favor democracy should work for this.

ISIS facing trial in Northern and Eastern Syria will have great and important results. It will make a great contribution to democracy in the Middle East and around the world. This issue must be given good attention and current efforts must be increased to achieve results. Of course all forces against ISIS and all who have been harmed by ISIS should support the trials.


It is said that Northern and Eastern Syria achieving a status and Syria achieving democracy is essentially tied to the liberation of Afrin. What responsibility do the Kurds, the Syrian regime and international forces have for Afrin?

The invasion of Afrin was a genocidal attack and it continues still. On top of the actual massacres, the demographic make-up of the city is being transformed, Kurds are pushed out and made into a minority. The natural environment, culture and history in the city are being pillaged. The world just watches. This is a shame for humanity. If certain forces want to wash their hands somewhat clean of the crime, they must change their policies. The Turkish invasion must end and international powers should play a role for Turkey to leave Afrin. That is the only way to be free of that shame.

Russia’s role in the matter is especially important. The invasion of Afrin was based on an international plan, but Russia had a special role. This invasion was put into practice by the deal between Turkey and Russia. If it wasn’t for Russia’s approval, Afrin wouldn’t have been invaded. There is no Kurd on earth who doesn’t know and resent this fact. In this sense, if Russia wants to repair their relationship with Kurds, they must do their part for the liberation of Afrin and play an active role in the invading Turkish state withdrawing from the city. Similarly, those who were silent in the face of this invasion and those who approved it must change their tune and work to ensure Turkey and their gangs leave.

It is also important for our people to continue their struggle without a stop. Afrin is a matter of honor for Kurds. The city is the most beautiful part of Rojava. Afrin Liberation Forces will continue their struggle stronger and liberate the city. Giving up on the liberation of Afrin is to give up on the freedom of Rojava and all of Northwestern Syria.