KCK’s Karasu: The fight against AKP fascism will intensify

KCK's Mustafa Karasu stated that: "The will of the Kurdish people for a free life and their strength will repel any attack and bring a historic defeat to the AKP's rule."

Mustafa Karasu, Executive Council member of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), wrote an article titled “Attack of Agencification” for Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper, translated by ANF English service as below.

"The AKP fascism is increasingly beset by the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom. Therefore, it uses every conceivable form of dirty warfare. The Turkish state wants to unite the enemies of the Kurdish people in order to eliminate the freedom struggle of the Kurds. But none of these attacks produces a positive result for them.

For this reason, a new form of dirty warfare is now practiced. Recently, Kurdish politicians, employees of civil society organizations or democratic society organizations have been stopped or arrested out in the street, and subjected to efforts for spying, which the AKP government has made into a new tool of attack against the Kurdish people.

Kurdish politician Musa Farisoğulları is just one of many who have experienced such an imposition that has been enhanced massively in the recent period and is executed through repression, torture, blackmail and threat. For Kurds it is one of the worst situations to have to be an agent or collaborator for this state. Especially in the context of a struggle that has been going on for dozens of years, the Kurdish population has developed a strong defense against this type of collaboration and agency. Collaboration and agency is considered by the Kurdish society as the worst character trait, agents are marginalized. Extending the recruitment of agents is an extension of torture, repression and threats. This is one of the practices that AKP fascism has increasingly used in the past two to three years against the Kurdish struggle for freedom.

Above all, the spying attempts are an expression of the AKP's view of the Kurdish population. They do not see the Kurdish population as a people of their own volition, not even as human beings. Therefore every means and every way to break the will of the Kurds is legitimate for them. Kurdish hostility has reached its historic peak during the AKP ruling. The fascism of the AKP adds a new anti-Kurdish practice every day. The fact that the recruitment of agents is now at this level is an indication that the AKP has lost its influence on Kurdish society. They can only infiltrate the Kurdish society by means of agents.

The Kurdish hostility of AKP government, which increasingly gets marginalized within the Kurdish society, continues to increase. For this reason, it resorts to an agencification policy; the biggest insult and the biggest attack against Kurdish society.

This imposition of agencification is primarily an attack and an insult to the person who is forced into agency. The person will no longer be part of society. In European words, he is declassed. An agent is not truely a human anymore. He is only a means that is used by others, and does not have his own personality. Those who engage in collaboration and betrayal certainly have their reasons for doing so. For those who become agents, there are no such motives for them. He's finished, he's sold himself, he's just an actor. Forcing someone to act as agent means destroying him, dehumanizing him. In this respect, the extended practice of agencification is a serious attack on the Kurdish people, the Kurdish population.

With this practice, they want to corrupt the society. The more agents there are in a society, the more corrupted the society gets. In this sense, it is not an attack exclusively on individuals, it is an attack on the entire Kurdish society. The target is the entire society. The persons who become agents corrupt the society. That's why they mix with society. Thus, the passion of the population for freedom and democracy, their will to fight, comes under attacked. In this respect, the Kurdish people must recognize the recruitment of agents as an attack against themselves.

The main purpose of the special war is to weaken confidence in the Kurdish freedom movement, its leader, as well as its relationship with and belief in it. In the last a few years, a massive psychological war is being waged. The recruitment of agents is a part of this new practice. It's also about shaking people's trust in each other. Perhaps part of society accepts agencification, but those who do not accept it, who are courageous, make it public. But even those who defend themselves against recruitment but do not make it public nourish social mistrust. Because they meet the other people with the feeling that they could be agents. So there is the important task to combat this.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement has arrested leading MIT agents whose role focuses on the PKK. During the struggle for self-governance, two MIT executives in charge of Botan and the surrounding area were arrested. Last August, two other MIT officials, in charge of PKK activities in Turkey and abroad, were arrested during an operation. The MIT has suffered such a defeat that actually not only these MIT officials, but Tayyip Erdoğan himself, have been caught. Since the AKP regime officials fear that all agents will be unveiled with the arrest of these MIT officials, the Turkish state has intensified its efforts to recruit agents. Thus, the recruitment of agents is at the same time a new attack on the Kurdish people, as well as a desperate attempt to replace what they suppose to be unveiled agents.

Of course, the Kurdish people will take a clear stand against these serious and vicious attacks. Above all, this practice shows even more clearly the anti-Kurdish character of the AKP regime. The Kurdish enemies have clearly shown their face in the past two to three years. But now you can see its ugly face even more clearly through their agencification efforts.

The recruitment of agents is to be regarded as a genocidal attack, that must be opposed and resisted. Whether on the street or in custody, these attacks aim for the annihilation and killing of the personality and must be repulsed. To become an agent is a death thousand times worse than physical death. Being an agent means dying thousand times every day. One should not bow his head to these threats and impositions. But that alone is not enough - you have to inform the human rights institutions and make the whole thing public. These attacks must be conveyed to the public. In this way, the fascism of the AKP must be exposed.

The AKP is nothing more than a gang of Kurdish enemies. It is an intelligence organization organizing conspiracies against the Kurdish people. MIT is the main actor through which the AKP practices a genocidal policy against the Kurds. The AKP is not a party, it is an intelligence organization and special war organ. This must be recognized by all Kurds.

There are those who have reported these impositions of the Turkish state to the Kurdish Freedom Movement. They told us that they were forced to become agents. So they wanted to free themselves from this burden. But there are those who do not do so for concerns about their reputation when they refuse such a thing. Those need to express themselves without hesitation to human rights organizations. This is also true for those who have accepted weakness to become agents. So these people can come out of their misery immediately. Sooner or later, agencification will always come to light. Nobody can pretend for a long time. In this sense, the agents should face the righteousness of the people and the Kurdish freedom movement themselves.

The AKP should know that the Kurdish people are not vulnerable. Each attack will be retaliated in kind. Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding in politics and society for some time that freedom can be won in an easy way. But now it has become clear that you cannot win a free life without fighting against fascism. In this sense, the fight against the fascism of the AKP will intensify in 2018. The AKP will regret any attack it is waging against us. The Erdoğan regime will not be able to escape, either through attacks, however violent they may be, or through a psychological warfare with which it wants to demonstrate its power, nor through agencification efforts. The will of the Kurdish people for a free life and their strength will repel any attack and bring a historic defeat to the AKP's rule. The death of AKP rule will be realized through the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people and the democratic forces.”