KCK's Karasu: Turkey can’t take us out, or defeat us

"Our goals cause a panic in Ankara, because we fight for the democratization of the Middle East, for women’s rights, for minorities, and against nationalism", said KCK executive Mustafa Karasu.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu spoke to the Swiss Le Temps newspaper. On the possible operation by Turkey, Karasu said: “Turkey can’t take us out of here, or defeat us.”

The article by Boris Mabillard mentions Karasu’s views on the US putting a reward on 3 PKK leaders and the Turkish state’s renewed threats of invasion.

The journalist also wrote about his impressions of Qandil and pointed out that Turkish jets have increased their bombings. Mabillard said Turkey does not hide their intention of ending the PKK with an ultimate operation and described Qandil as: “The Qandil region is like a crumpled up tissue paper. If it was completely unfolded, if all the valleys were flattenned, the surface area would triple. The reliefs, the snow and the wide straits protect the PKK which has been situated here since 2000.”

The newspaper pointed to the guerrilla checkpoints. A guerrilla named Zagros pointed to the unmanned aerial vehicles and said: “These are the Predators the US handed to Turkey. They detect movement. The first precaution to protect ourselves is to remain perfectly still. Simple, but highly effective.”

Karasu spoke to Le Temps and said: “The Turkish army has some 20 military bases on Iraqi territory. They spy on us, but they can’t control us. We are always moving and we have developed various tactics against them.”

According to Karasu, the issue is not whether Turkey will attack or not, but rather when they will. “But they can’t take us out of here, or defeat us. For 30 years, things have continued without a military victory.”

Karasu also spoke about the US putting a reward on three PKK leaders and said: “Washington’s message is twofold. On one hand they are offering a guarantee for Turkey, in an attempt to placate them, and on the other they are giving them the freedom to move to launch a large scale military operation.”

Karasu added that the US is mistaken on the target, and that Turkey violates regional stability. He said:

“We are coordinating with the US directly in the framework of fighting the Islamic State (ISIS). If it wasn’t for us, Erbil (Hewlêr) would have fallen under ISIS control. Without our fighters, the world can’t be rid of jihadists.”

Karasu said the following on the US’ accusations:

“If one defines terrorism as the death of innocent civilians, children and women, this would fit perfectly with the actions of the Turkish state. There is a mountain of evidence on the state terrorism Turkey is responsible for. We are ready to face justice, if Turkey will also take the suspect stand in a neutral trial. Turkey aids the jihadists as we fight them. Are we the terrorists? I do not accept this label that has been stuck on us.”

So, will Ankara ever step back? Karasu responds: “I don’t see any indicators that the Turkish government’s stance regarding Kurds will undergo a political change. Our leader Abdullah Ocalan is under arrest, what they need to do is to soften the conditions of his arrest and give a sign of good will. But our goals cause a panic in Ankara, because we fight for the democratization of the Middle East, for women’s rights, for minorities, and against nationalism.”