KJK calls for the expansion of struggle against Turkish fascism and KDP treason

Following the drone attack on the Arbat Airport in Sulaymaniyah and on the KNK in Hewlêr, the Kurdistan Women's Community calls for the expansion of the struggle against Turkish fascism and the collaboration of the KDP.

The Coordination of the Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) released a statement calling for a struggle against the collaboration of the ruling KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) with the Turkish state and calls for Kurdish unity to be strengthened in view of the Turkish attack on Arbat airport in Sulaymaniyah and the assassination of KNK representative Deniz Cevdet Bülbün in Hewlêr (Erbil).

"We must confront the attacks on our lives, our nation and our identity everywhere with our organised will. As Kurdish women, we must defend our existence, our land and our identity against the plans for the complete destruction of Kurdish identity in the 21st century. We must not allow betrayal and genocide,” said the KJK statement released on Thursday, which included the following:

"On the same day that Deniz Cevdet Bülbün was killed in the attack on the KNK representation in Hewlêr in Southern Kurdistan, three peshmergas of the PUK’s (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) anti-terrorist unit were killed in the attack on the Arbat airport in Sulaymaniyah. We respectfully remember our friend Deniz and the three peshmergas of the PUK who died in these attacks and offer our condolences to their families and the Kurdish people. It should be clear to all that we will not tolerate these attacks in any way and will step up our fight against treason and colonial fascism and bring those responsible to justice.

Our friend Deniz has made great achievements for the development of democratic national unity in Kurdistan. Through the attack on him, the KNK's valuable work for Kurdish unity has been targeted. Comrade Deniz was a pioneering example of the national consciousness, vast experience and inclusive cultural structure on which the struggle for Kurdish unity is based. Remembering Deniz means breaking the betrayal and expanding the work for democratic and national unity. He fell for the democratic unity of the Kurdish nation. By targeting the work of comrade Deniz and thus of the KNK, the enemy is essentially concerned with destroying national unity and restoring the colonial status of a hundred years ago. Our response to this can only be to strengthen national unity and end the betrayal. Only in this way can its commemoration be met.

The attack on Sulaymaniyah airport was intended to extend the line of betrayal that the Turkish state has developed over the KDP in Southern Kurdistan and to guarantee its supremacy. An offensive has begun with the aim of subjugating all the forces in Kurdistan that insist on and fight for their identity to the Turkish state. The attacks on Rojava, Shengal, Bradost, Sulaymaniyah and Hewlêr in recent days are an expression of this offensive. The KDP has long been the vanguard of the Turkish state's invasion attacks in the Zap and Metîna areas. The fact that the KDP has recently tried to invade the guerrilla areas in Bradost and has taken a warmongering stance, as well as the fact that the above-mentioned attacks were carried out immediately afterwards, clearly show that the source of these attacks is the KDP’s collaboration with Turkish fascism. 

These attacks came after the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, on whose hands there is so much Kurdish blood, to Iraq and Southern Kurdistan. This leaves no doubt as to who is behind the attacks. Turkish fascism is committing genocide against the Kurdish people. The KDP and the Barzani family are guilty of this genocide against their own national identity. The most important response is for the Kurdish people to take a clear stance against the treachery of the KDP and the Barzani clan and the attacks of Turkish fascism, to strengthen the resistance and to advance the struggle for Kurdish unity.  

The current offensive is aimed at liquidating the Kurdish achievements of the last fifty years. Everything is happening openly. The Turkish state with its genocidal attacks and the KDP with its treachery have reached the highest level of perfidy. Both are actively and openly acting together. Our people and Kurdish women must recognise the line taken by the KDP against its own people, against the guerrillas, the democratic institutions and parties that resist. The KDP aims at destroying the Kurdish achievements and handing them over to the enemy. Everyone must oppose this. Southern Kurdistan, Hewlêr and Kirkuk are not the property of anyone; they do not belong to the Barzani family. The fate of the Kurdish people, Kurdish women and Kurdistan must not be determined by the line of betrayal. Today is the time of resistance and victory over surrender and betrayal. In the 21st century, the Kurdish people will only win if they strengthen the resistance against fascism and betrayal. There is no other way to protect and preserve Kurdish achievements.

"The peoples of Iraq are also targeted"

The peoples of Iraq are also the target of these attacks. The same war crimes are being committed against the Iraqi people. In Kirkuk, Shengal, Maxmur, Sulaymaniyah and Hewlêr, chaos is meant to be caused by provocations. Behind this is the Turkish state's plan to occupy certain regions of Iraq starting from Southern Kurdistan and to gain supremacy there. The Turkish fascist state's constant talk of respecting the Kurdish people and the Iraqi people and fighting not against them but against 'PKK terrorism' is a cover under which it tries to hide its dirty hegemonic plans. Our movement is fighting for the democratic unity of Kurdistan, the peoples of Iraq and the peoples of the Middle East in general. It is the Turkish state and its collaborators that are dividing, fragmenting and spreading terror. It is important that the Iraqi government and especially the peoples living in Iraq see through this far-reaching plan and take a stand.

"Stand against betrayal"

In Kurdistan, the philosophy of 'Jin Jiyan Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom) has developed as the philosophy of free women and new life, and this philosophy has become universal. The will of women in Kurdistan manifests itself in life, identity and the creation of a democratic Kurdish unity. The basis of a democratic national unity in Kurdistan is based on the will of women. In this sense, we as Kurdish women have to stop Turkish fascism and the KDP, which is the vanguard of the line of betrayal with its collaboration and strengthen our struggle. We have to fight everywhere with our organised will against these attacks on our life, nation and identity. As Kurdish women, we must defend our existence, land and identity against the plans for total annihilation and not give in to betrayal and genocide. We call on all women workers, peasants, intellectuals, academics as well as all Kurdish women's organisations in all parts of Kurdistan and abroad to develop a process of common struggle and to play our historical role. Kurdish women must take this responsibility. We must not allow history to repeat itself. In this sense, we appeal to all Kurdish forces, especially Kurdish women, to intensify the struggle and build Kurdish unity on the line of resistance."