Kurdism, or the mask of the KDP

Is the KDP really a Kurdish party? Is Kurdism a mask or a reality of the KDP? How can a party which joins the genocidal policies of Turkey against Kurds, be called a Kurdish party?

The Turkish state's attack on Heftanîn has lasted for two months. According to the plan, the Turkish state would occupy an important part of South Kurdistan as well as Heftanin in that time. The magnificent resistance of the Heftanin guerrilla, however, spoiled this. The guerrilla resisted the invaders with an extraordinary determination, unwavering will and passion for freedom, and continues to resist. Female guerrillas became the identity and honour monuments of the Heftanin resistance, embodied in Esmer, Nucan and Zelal.

Heftanin invasion attack is a strategic step in the plan to occupy and annex South Kurdistan. If the Turkish state gets results in Heftanin, it will occupy the whole of South Kurdistan. The AKP-MHP genocidal colonialism wants to turn South Kurdistan into the main route to bring the Turkish Republic to the old Ottoman borders. The colonialist Turkish ruling class has been sleeping with the dream of Mosul and Kirkuk for a century. Today's ruling AKP-MHP genocidal fascism dreams of expanding its border in a 21st century version of the Ottoman domination. For years, Turkish president Erdogan has been saying that Lausanne was wrong, the Turkish state was imprisoned in the narrow borders of Anatolia, and is now trying to change this situation. The invasion attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan are fascist dictator Erdogan's discourse put into practice.

The most striking point in the invasion attacks in South Kurdistan and Rojava is the role played by the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party).

The KDP is a partner in these invasion attacks. The AKP-MHP genocidal colonialism wages the Kurdish genocide war with the support of the KDP. Undoubtedly, if the KDP did not take part in this genocide war, the Turkish state could not have taken any step. The KDP gives legitimacy to the genocidal invasion attacks of the Turkish state. It normalizes the occupation. It provides political, logistical and intelligence support to the Turkish state to carry out its invasion attacks. The Turkish state uses the fact that the KDP is a Kurdish party and stands by its side. Turkey publicized that fact that the KDP actually justifies and supports the war it is waging, legitimizing the genocidal invasion attacks. This propaganda is used to prevent people from protesting.

The Turkish state did the same during the invasion attacks in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. It acted together with ENKS (Kurdish National Council in Syria). The ENKS was directly involved in these invasion attacks. KDP officials tried to break the public's reaction by making statements legitimizing the occupation. Turkey, the discourse goes, is attacking Rojava because of the PKK's presence there. Turkey has no problem with the Kurds, it said, thus normalising the genocidal occupation attacks. They opposed the PKK using the same language of the Turkish Republic, ignoring that the PKK is the guarantee of the Kurdish people's existence and freedom.

The KDP is responsible and partner of the genocidal attacks, looting and rape carried out by the Turkish state in Afrin, Serekaniye and Girê Spî. The KDP is a party and a supporter of the attacks of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan, Shengal and Maxmur.

South Kurdistan is being attacked a result of the agreement between the KDP and Turkey. Pursuant to this agreement, the PKK will be liquidated, then the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) will be neutralized and all control of South Kurdistan will be taken over by the KDP. The Rojava leg of the plan has been prepared with a similar understanding; The Turkish Republic (TC) will invade Rojava and leave very little of it to ENKS.

The AKP-MHP fascist government seems to have convinced the KDP about this, which is a trap plan. The KDP thinks that, together with the Turkish Republic, it will liquidate the PKK and the organizations opposing it, and take full control of Kurdistan. It thinks that if it removes the obstacles in front of it, it will dispose of Kurdistan as it wishes while maintaining its power. Foolishly enough, the KDP never thinks that in fact, it will be the target of the next attack. Because narrow and short-term dirty interests have blinded its eyes, its heart has been dried out, its brain is paralysed.

Is the KDP really a Kurdish party? Is Kurdism a mask or a reality of the KDP? How can a party which joins the genocidal policies of Turkey against Kurds, be called a Kurdish party?

It is a fact that primitive nationalist rhetoric is used to hide the true face of the KDP. If the KDP were a Kurdish nationalist party, as some people – as well as it itself - claim, it would not be a partner of the genocidal attacks of a state that wants to cancel the existence and freedom of Kurds.

The KDP says it is a Kurdish party, but is hiding its true face and deceiving everyone. It is working hard to destroy those who struggle for existence and freedom for the Kurds.

Our people and the patriotic free Kurdish movements must see this reality and take a common stance against the KDP and urgently establish the democratic national unity.