Latin American activists call for removal of PKK from EU list of terrorist organisations

New messages of support for the international campaign calling on the European Union to remove the PKK from the proscribed list of terrorist organisations.

The International Initiative "Justice for the Kurds" is gaining momentum among activists around the world. 

In an urgent call in the interests of peace, democracy, and human rights, activists demand "the Council of the European Union to remove the PKK from the proscribed list of terrorist organisations."

The call underlines that "a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy and for stability in Turkey and the wider Middle East. Turkey and its large Kurdish community will be able to achieve that peaceful solution only through negotiations. Such negotiations need to involve all parties, including the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The listing of the PKK as a terrorist organisation, however, is a barrier on the path to peace."

Among the first signatories of the call are Elfriede Jelinek – Writer/Nobel Prize in Literature, Slavoj Žižek – Philosopher, Janet Biehl – Writer, Selay Ghaffar – Women’s Right Activist and Spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan,  Miguel Urbán Crespo – Member of the European Parliament, Srećko Horvat – Philosopher, David R. K. Adler – General Coordinator of Progressive International, Roberto Rampi – Senator, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Paolo Ferrero – Former Minister, Vice President of the European Left party, Gorka Elejabarrieta Díaz, Senator of Spain and Director of International Relations and Policy for EH Bildu, Norman Paech – Expert in International Law, Kariane Westrheim – Chairperson of the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), Norway, Nora Cortinas – Co-founder of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Support from Latin America

More messages of support are coming through from Latin America. 

Roland Denis Popular is a revolutionary fighter with a long trajectory in the Venezuelan left. In the 80s he was active in the movement La Desobediencia and later in the Proyecto Nuestramerica / Movimiento 13 de Abril. He is the author of the books Los Fabricantes de la Rebelión (2001) and Las Tres Repúblicas (2012). 

Popular underlined the importance of the Kurdish liberation movement for peace and stability in the Middle East.

Jaimer Flores Amarus is the representative of the Aymara of Bolivia underlined the importance of the model proposed by the Kurds which has at its core an ecological vision and the respect of the environment.

Veronica Mounier is a member of the Congreso Nacional Indígena Zapatista Mexico (CNI) called for the EU to take the PKK of the EU list of terrorist organisations.