Lawyer Köklü: In the Imralı system war and peace collide

The International Imrali delegation said in its visit to Turkey that ‘Imrali is an example of pressure but also the laboratory of democracy' and this statement exposed the truth, recalls Öcalan's lawyer Serbay Köklü.

Asrın Law Office lawyer Serbay Köklü evaluated the 6-month lawyer and phone call ban imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, Ömer Hayri Konar, Veysi Aktaş and Hamili Yıldırım who are held as political hostages in Imralı Prison.

Reminding that the international conspiracy launched against Kurdish people's leader Öcalan on 9 October 1998 was carried out by the USA, the EU and Israel, Köklü added that the conspiracy revealed important issues in terms of the plans regarding the Kurds and the Middle East.

Pointing out that Kurdish people's leader Öcalan has turned the Kurds, who were passive, into a subject with its own will able to produce a democratic solution with regional rights, Köklü said out that this was what turned into a serious threat to the international system.

Emphasizing that the conspiracy was actually carried out for this reason, Köklü said that the isolation system in Imrali should also be analysed within the framework of the conspiracy, "The isolation system has two dimensions. It has become a ground for the international powers to shape the Kurds and the Middle East, and a management system for the Turkish state. The Imrali isolation system was designed by the international system, and it is necessary to look at the 20-year history of this isolation system. After 1999, in 2001 the war in Afghanistan and in 2003 the invasion of Iraq were brought on the agenda.”

Köklü continued: “The conspiracy was an important step in removing Mr. Öcalan from Syria and keeping the Kurds in a passive position in accordance with the system established after the First World War. But this planned system did not tale shape as international powers wanted. Mr. Öcalan's personality, will, ideas and strategy came into play. As he stated in his defenses, he defined the process he observed since 1985 as "Gladio Wars". The Kurds will, came into play engaging with the State in an effort to find a solution and, he argued, an international intervention was felt needed.”

One of the most important things Mr. Öcalan did, added his lawyer, “was to analyze this conspiracy as it was and put forward a paradigm against it. While Imrali had a tragic side, it also opened the door to an enormous transformation in terms of history stemming from Mr. Öcalan's personality. All these Gladio interventions have brought to the stage of history an analysis of the international system, which helped conceptualizing the democratic modernity and democratic nation solution."

Köklü said that with the Imrali isolation system, Turkish state system laws completely changed. "In 1999, after Mr. Öcalan was brought to Turkey, the state implemented what it had tried before but had not been able to implement, i.e. the 'high security prisons' system. We are talking about an island, where only Mr. Öcalan was kept and the development, step by step, of the system in Imrali for Mr. Öcalan.

In 2005, the Turkish punishment, judgment and execution system specific to Mr. Öcalan was put into effect. The legal regime currently in use today is the current implementations of the Turkish penal system, which was implemented and developed on Öcalan in 2005. While such a severe isolation has not been practiced in prisons until today, similar practices have developed in many prisons. This format, together with the Imrali isolation system, has been turned into an administrative and legal system in Turkey."

Noting that one of the most important outcomes of the expulsion of Kurdish people's leader Öcalan from Syria in 1998 was a regional war in the Middle East to be developed step by step, Köklü explained why Öcalan is the address for a solution. "Öcalan said that there is a Third World War that has been going on since the Gulf War. The conspiracy against Mr. Öcalan was one of the most strategic moves in terms of deepening this war. From the moment that Mr. Öcalan established that this was the situation, he spent all his efforts to defeat this conspiracy and to develop the possibilities of a democratic solution against war. The product of this efforts is the democratic nation analysis.”

Köklü added: “Mr. Öcalan handled the Imralı isolation system as a dialectic. It reflected on us all. Imrali has become a place where war and peace, coup and democracy, chaos and solution intersect and clash. Despite his limited means, Mr. Öcalan developed his theory and solution efforts step by step and carried it to the next level. The Oslo process was a reflection of Mr. Öcalan's efforts. The reason why the Road Map provoked so much reaction was that Mr. Öcalan presented the solution to the public for the discretion of the public in a concrete way, putting it in flesh and bone. While presenting this, he caused many masks to fall.

The severe and absolute isolation started in 2011 after the "road map" was shared. Mr. Öcalan brought the Kurdish issue at a stage where a clear consensus on a solution point could be achieved in Turkey, for the first time in the history of the state, in the period between 2013 and 2015. That's why the coup mechanics came into play. Mr. Öcalan played a role in developing the solution at every stage, without ever using his conditions as an excuse. The policy against this was the coup mechanics. Turkey gradually drifted towards disaster. Mr. Öcalan's approaches are a sort of insurance for the peoples of Turkey and the region in terms of avoiding this drifting towards disaster. The Imralı system is a place where war and peace clearly collide. The International Imrali delegation said in its visit to Turkey that ‘Imrali is an example of pressure but also the laboratory of democracy' and this statement exposed the truth."