MMC Spokesperson: We will protect our people and land against attacks

Derwish pointed out that with its attacks on Manbij, the Turkish state aimed to expand its invasion in Northern Syria and to increase the rate of nationalist votes it expects to receive in the referendum to be held in April.

Manbij Military Council (MMC) spokesperson Shervan Derwish spoke to ANF about the attacks of Turkish state forces accompanied by their proxy gang groups that have been targeting villages in western Manbij in recent days.


MMC Spokesperson Shervan Derwish gave the following details regarding the attacks of the ISIS and Turkish state gangs against the lands of Manbij and positions of MMC fighters:

“Thousands of immigrants headed towards Manbij as regime forces started to advance in southern al-Bab. We as Manbij Military Council mobilized to welcome these immigrants and to transfer them from the battle field to safe areas. During this process, ISIS attacked our fighters from the southern front of Manbij, and the 'Euphrates Shield' forces from the al-Bab side. Intensified and concurrent attacks were conducted against the Tiltorin line and the villages of Gorhiyok, Boxaz, Ulashlı, Ceble, Al-Hemara and Halidiye. All these attacks were repelled by our side. Attacks are still continuing today as the mentioned forces intend to make an advance with the help of heavy weaponry. However, our fighters have frustrated all these attacks and inflicted heavy losses on them."


Derwish stated that the intensified bombardments with heavy weapons resulted in casualties among civilians living in this region, adding the followings: “As we stated before, we bear no enmity towards any side. Yet, we will defend our city and people against those attacking us, and we are retaliating against the attacks that target us. We have not treated anyone as an enemy, nor constituted a threat to any side. Still, they consider us an enemy.”


MMC Spokesperson underlined that the Turkish state has some internal and external plans on these attacks it is conducting, and said: "It seems that inside the country, they want to give a message to the MHP and racist circles with these attacks in order to receive more votes in the referendum. On the other hand, they want to expand their invasion in Northern Syria and to sustain their presence in the region. They are making plans over the bloodshed."


Derwish stated that tens of thousands have taken shelter in Manbij during the last months, noting that the flow of immigrants has increased largely during the past few days.

“It is known to everyone that more than 500 thousand people are living in Manbij which now houses around 85-90 thousand immigrants. Thousands more have arrived in the city in recent days as they fled the fighting between ISIS and regime forces that are making further advances now. Thousands from al-Bab region had already taken shelter in Manbij due to the battle between the 'Euphrates Shield' forces and ISIS. All the people who flee the war are coming to Manbij because of its safety and stability. With regard to the increasing number of immigrants, we are being through major difficulties.”


MMC Spokesperson remarked that they got mobilized to help the immigrants, and ended his statement with the following call: "International aid organisations have not made a remarkable effort for the refugees in Manbij yet. We expect the world to intervene and make these attacks stop in order for us to assist the refugees."