New explosions hit Tehran

It was reported that new explosions occurred on Thursday nigh in Tehran, causing power cuts in some areas.

According to local media, new explosions have taken place in the capital. It has been reported that several areas of the Iranian capital were left in dark because of the explosions. According to Mehr news agency, the cities of Garmdareh and Kuds were also affected.

 Al Arabiya TV Channel said that a missile warehouse of the Revolutionary Guards were targeted.

On 7 July an explosion occurred in the city of Bakerşahr, 50 kilometers south of the capital. 

It was not known what caused the explosion and which factory was involved.

Two explosions occurred in the capital in the past two weeks. One was near a military facility.

An explosion had occurred last Thursday at the Natanz nuclear power causing serious damage. This power plant houses an important uranium enrichment factory.