Osê: Our goal is to end the occupation

Emine Osê, the Co-Presidency Spokesperson of the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria, states that their existence depends on the liberation of the occupied areas and adds, “Our people will return to their land. All our efforts are made for this”

Emine Osê, Co-Presidency Spokesperson for the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria, answered ANF’s questions about the conjuncture on the anniversary of the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî on October 9, 2019.

US-Turkey agreed on ceasefire in Serêkaniyê and Girê on October 17, and Russia-Turkey on October 22. The SDF also approved this agreement, but we know that the Turkish state did not comply with these agreements with the US and Russia and occupied some villages of Til Temir and Zirgan. It continues its attacks in the areas it has occupied. Why are the US and Russia remaining silent?

These two forces are in conflict over their positions and presence in the region. Russia is constantly using the Turkish state as a threat against us. So is America. We have a delicate position between these two forces; to protect our gains, to become stronger and to be a solution force. These are what matters to us.

The UN Human Rights Commission published its report which included the Turkish state’s acts, war and crimes against humanity on September 15. What has the Turkish occupation done for a year, how is the situation in the occupied areas?

The report makes sense to us. It is a partial reflection of the practices of the Turkish state in the occupied areas. Yet, practical steps are not taken to prevent it. There is explanation, but no attitude. Torture, pillage, massacre, ransom, displacement and demographic change are experienced every day in the occupied regions. Turkish language is imposed on the children of other peoples. Turkish flag is given to the hands of children in schools.

As the Autonomous Administration, what kind of work are you conducting in the international arena to liberate occupied regions from the Turkish state?

Our promise to our people is to liberate our own territories and to return them to their own lands. However, there is also one thing: Syria's situation is completely ambiguous and nothing is clear. We cannot say what will develop and how. It is not clear how the solution will develop in Syria. We are not alone to say that. The whole world says so. All efforts since 2012 have been in vain, yielding no result. The chaos in the region is getting deeper. Interventions are rampant. It is not clear which way this situation will go.

Threats to Autonomous Administration areas continue. Last week, Erdogan said, "The terror zones in Syria will either be cleaned as promised or we will go and clean it ourselves." Who do you think gave certain promises to Erdogan and the Turkish state?

Without the attacks, Erdogan cannot survive. Politics is in deadlock inside, economy is collapsing, and the situation is turning into chaos in Turkey. He covers it up with chauvinism. Erdogan will not be able to win elections democratically. It combines chauvinism and aggression to keep Turkish society on his side.

Of course, there can be attacks. We do not see such a situation away. We are not deceiving ourselves. Syria's situation is ambiguous. It is not clear. What is required in this uncertainty? To protect yourself and to take precautions. We need to strengthen management and to prepare for all serious possibilities in this uncertainty.