Peace Mothers send solidarity messages to Agit Ipek's mother

Several mothers, members of Amed, Kızıltepe and İzmir Peace Mothers initiative, sent their solidarity messages to Agit İpek's mother Halise İpek.

Members of the Peace Mothers Initiative have recorded some videos to support HPG guerrilla Agit İpek's mother Halise İpek.

Agit fell martyr in Dersim in 2017 and his remains were sent to his family 3 years later by mail.

The Peace Mothers said that Halise İpek was exposed to the most inhuman treatment and that they fully share her pain.

Raife Özbey, Amed Peace Mothers Initiative: Mother Halise's last pain is a great pain. As all mothers, we condemn those who forced this pain upon Halise. Nowhere in the world people's remains are sent by post. This is the first time that the Turkish state has done this. We could not visit mother Halise because of the movement restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. I send her greetings from here and I want to tell her that we share her pain. If there is no strong reaction against the authors of this brutality, they will do the same things tomorrow. Because these people do not know what humanity means. We will never forget this mother's pain and this incident.

Our struggle continues

Nafiye Yiğit, Amed Peace Mothers Initiative: Halise İpek was not given the remains of her son for years. As mothers, we cannot accept this brutality and persecution. Words are not enough to tell what we felt when we saw those photos, we were so hurt. We were so angry. We share Halise's pain and send her our condolences from here. The Turkish state is both slaughtering our children and not allowing us to take their bodies. We will never accept this and we will continue our struggle.

Xewlet Öncü, Kızıltepe Peace Mothers Initiative: I was very sorry to see Agit's remains in a box and in his mother. I can't understand how there could be such evil to send a son's bones to a mother by post.

Behiye Yalçın, Izmir Peace Mothers Initiative: I want to salute Halise İpek on behalf of all mothers. We do not want our children's bodies end up in boxes. We want a honorable peace being reached so that our children can come to their homes safely.