PKK calls for enhanced struggle on May Day and May 14 to overthrow the AKP-MHP fascism

“Let us make this May Day the beginning of the great victory of democracy. Let us turn May 2023 into the beginning of a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey,” says the PKK.

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) released a statement marking the international working-class’ struggle day and recommending voting for the Alliance for Labour and Freedom. The PKK pointed out that it is of great importance to vote for the forces of democracy on 14 May in order to give a final defeat to the fascist dictatorship of the AKP/MHP regime.

The PKK statement on May Day includes the following:

"At a critical juncture in history, we welcome a new May Day. On our day of unity, solidarity and struggle, we fill the squares and raise our resistance for freedom and democracy. With respect and gratitude, we remember the victims of the 1977 Taksim Massacre, our comrades Mehmet Karasungur and Ramazan Kaplan, both of whom were members of our Central Committee, and all the other martyrs of May Day. We salute the historic resistance in Imrali and Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), our people and our companions and friends who are fighting in the jails, on the streets and in the mountains. We believe that this May Day will mark a new beginning in the struggle for a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey.

It is obvious that this May Day has significant differences from the previous ones. It seems like a rehearsal for the collapse of AKP/MHP fascism on 14 May, which will start the process of collapse of the AKP-MHP fascism.

The fall of AKP and MHP fascism is undoubtedly of great importance for Kurdistan, Turkey, the Middle East and the rest of the world, since the fall of this fascism will pave the way for Kurdish liberation and the democratic Turkey, and will lead to the overcoming of the institutionalized, fascist, colonialist and genocidal mentality and politics of the 'Committee for Unity and Progress' [İttihat ve Terakki, a political organisation in the Ottoman Empire and the driving force behind the genocide of Armenians]. The hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic will be marked by Kurdish freedom and Turkey’s democratization. On the basis of freedom for the Kurds, women and faiths, Turkey will become a country of freedoms and democracy. A democratic Turkey will open the gateway to the democratisation of the Middle East and thus take the freedom march of humanity globally a big step forward.

In order to prevent this uprising, to help fascism to another term and more power, reactionary forces at global, regional and national level, and Kurdish traitors support the AKP/MHP regime. On this basis, the AKP/MHP fascism exploits all possibilities of Turkey and resorts to any form of repression, manipulation and schemes in order to remain in power. As if they have not been in power for 21 years, they make one false election promise after another and deceive the public. As if the country is his family property, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accuses all who oppose his rule of being 'traitors'. He uses all kinds of methods, from buying against payment to threats and blackmail, to woo the votes of people. He abuses laws and the judiciary, art and literature and fascist gangs to maintain his power. As recent waves of arrests and detentions have shown, he has intellectuals, artists, political activists, members of the press and the legal profession imprisoned so as to prevent anyone other than himself from carrying out election propaganda. With all these measures, he wants to give the impression that he is strong and will hold on to his power, and that he will also resort to means of violence to achieve this goal.

Yet, the AKP/MHP fascism is already rotten to the core and has collapsed. Whether violence, oppression or massacres, lies and deceit, demagogy and theft, nothing of the kind will be able to keep the AKP/MHP fascism in power. The countdown to the end of the AKP-MHP alliance has already begun, and the elections on 14 May will be a fundamental downfall in this respect. Certainly, fascism cannot be overthrown through elections alone, but the vote on 14 May will play a decisive role in the struggle to overthrow this regime. The anti-fascist struggle for freedom and democracy, which we are carrying out at different levels, will achieve an important development with the elections on 14 May. The freedom revolution will advance by overthrowing fascism. In this regard, it is necessary to attach great importance to the electoral process, to go to the polls without fail, not to let a single vote go to waste and to be in action house by house, street by street, to mark the end of AKP/MHP fascism and to ensure the victory of the forces of labour and freedom. It is indispensable to be always in readiness to resist all kinds of fascist attacks.

So, to bring down AKP/MHP fascism, to pave the way for Kurdish freedom and democratization in Turkey, to free the peoples of the region and all humanity from the grip of the fascist, colonialist and genocidal mentality and politics, to develop women's revolution against patriarchal mindset, politics and repression,

, to achieve complete freedom of belief, thought and organisation in Turkey, to smash the torture and isolation system on Imrali and to ensure the physical freedom of Leader Apo and all political prisoners, to put an end to the corrupt system of plunder in Turkey and Kurdistan, to overthrow the fascist dictatorship that despises humanity and nature and is solely responsible for the scale of the earthquake disaster and the high casualties, to ensure that Turkey no threat for outside, to enhance the march for a democratic Middle East and free humanity, to build a new free, just, democratic way of life spreading from Kurdistan and Turkey all over the world, let us take to the streets and squares on May Day, and let us go to the polls on May 14. Let us celebrate these days with the enthusiasm and spirit of resistance with which we celebrated March 8 and Newroz.

Let us make this May Day the beginning of the great victory of democracy. As workers and labourers, women and youth, patriotic people of Kurdistan and all oppressed, revolutionary and socialist forces, let us fill the squares today and start our new march for freedom and democracy. Let us build a bridge of freedom and democracy between May 1 and May 14, a bridge of historical success and victory!

Let us not leave the streets and be in constant democratic activity from May 1 to May 14, until we overthrow AKP/MHP fascism and win the victory of democracy,

Let us be ready to defeat the AKP/MHP fascism on May 14 and let all kinds of fascist attacks come to nothing.

Let us turn May 2023 into the beginning of a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey."