PKK’s Karayilan calls for mobilization for Afrin

PKK’s Murat Karayilan called upon Kurdish people to mobilize against Turkish invasion in Afrin and said that Turkish state will suffer a historic defeat.

In an interview with Sterk TV, PKK Executive Committee Member Karayilan spoke about Turkey’s attacks against Afrin and pointed out that an attack against Afrin will be an attack against Kurdish people. Karayilan also said that PKK won’t remain silent and will intervene if Turkey attacks Afrin.

Citing Turkish army’s failures in Nusaybin and Al-Bab operation, Karayilan said that Turkey makes noise but has no will or power to fight.

“We know this state very well because we are fighting with it for the past 35 years. Turkish state is not capable of entering Afrin. But it will fight. Because Turkish state sees the fact that it will lose all if it doesn’t fight” he said.

Karayilan criticized the statement by a spokesperson of the international coalition and said that the statement was provocative.

“This statement provoked Turkey, Syria and Iran against the Kurds in Rojava. After that they (US) said “We understand the concerns of Turkey” and “we have no presence in Afrin”. They mean that you (Turkey) can enter Afrin. This attitude raises concerns and suspicion” Karayilan said.

Here are some excerpts from Karayilan’s interview.

“All of the world powers should know that there will be no solution in the Middle East unless Kurdish question is resolved. It’s impossible to establish a new democratic Syria without solving the Kurdish question. It’s time someone told this fact to Turkey openly and make them understand it. But they have no courage to say so. What are they afraid of? They don’t fear Turkey because it’s powerful. Turkey offers a lot of benefits to them and they know that there will be no more benefits after they say so. Bu we say, now it’s time. They should say ‘enough is enough’ against this racism.”

“We call on all the world powers to not to take side with fascism or become a partner with fascism against Kurds. We say this to Russia, especially to Putin: Turkey is pursuing a genocidal policy against Kurdish people. You shouldn’t be a part of this. They are committing massacres in Kurdistan, they want to commit massacres in Afrin. There are one million people living in Afrin and we know that Turkish state won’t be able to attack Afrin unless Russia gives permission.”

“The airspace is under Russian control. If Turkish planes fly over Afrin, they may even have Turkish flags on them it will mean that Russia sent in those planes. Kurdish people will see it like this.”

“Our people should know that in Afrin or in Kurdistan we will first trust in ourselves. But nobody should be a partner with Turkey’s dirty aims. They should stand against it in the name of humanity. Even if they don’t stand against it, at least they can stay away from partnership with them. Because if nobody supports Turkey or be partner with it, Turkey won’t be able to cope with Kurdish people”.

“If people and the fighters stay together no one will be able to defeat them. Our people should know this. The enemy is not that strong. It only makes a lot of noise but it’s not strong. I believe that if AKP-MHP coalition attacks Afrin, the fighters and the people of Afrin will give them the required response. And AKP-MHP will take a historic lesson in Afrin. This is what we believe and what we hope for. AKP and MHP will be destroyed in Afrin just as AKP and ISIS were destroyed in Kobane”.

Karayılan continued with the following message to Afrin: “Everybody should know that we are behind them. And we are not only behind them but on their side. Erdogan always say ‘PKK will get closer to the sea’. Now there is no PKK there. The patriotic and heroic people of Afrin are there. But if they attack PKK won’t stand aside and watch. It won’t be a spectator just as it was not a spectator for what was happening in Kobane. We said it before: we as Kurdistan freedom guerrillas we are responsible of defending Kurdistan”.

“There is a possibility of an attack against Afrin. But it’s not up to them. They should get a consent for it.  But preparations should be made. I am calling upon all Kurdish people and youth: everybody should be ready to mobilize”.