PKK: The revolution of Rojava will continue to grow and expand

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Rojava revolution, the PKK said: "We are convinced that the revolution will continue to grow and develop in the coming period."

19 July marks the tenth anniversary of the start of the Rojava revolution. The Rojava Revolution is a globally incisive event, as it represents the first and most radical democratic awakening of the 21st century, combining democratisation with ecology and women's liberation. This is happening on the basis of the philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. The PKK is the expression and core of the Apoist philosophy and therefore has a close ideological connection to Rojava. On the anniversary of the revolution, the PKK has published a message of greeting, stating the following:


"We welcome 19 July as the tenth anniversary of the Freedom Revolution. We congratulate all the people of North and East Syria and their freedom forces for creating this revolution, which has become a beacon of hope for humanity. It has continued for ten years at the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs. We remember with respect and gratitude all the heroic martyrs in the person of comrades Şilan Kobanê and Xebat Dêrik. We firmly believe that the revolution will continue to deepen and expand in the second decade.


In every revolution, the beginning, the first week, the first month, the first year and the first ten years are important because they are associated with great difficulties. The historical process of the freedom revolution in Rojava was, accordingly. However, all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, especially the Kurdish, overcame the difficulties and obstacles by believing in each other and standing shoulder to shoulder. They succeeded in bringing the revolution to its present level. Now, the period of inexperience and dilettantism of the freedom revolution has been overcome and the period of mastery and professionalism has begun. We believe that the revolution will grow and develop even further in the coming period.


The freedom revolution in Rojava is the first area where Rêber Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] theory of democratic modernity was implemented to this extent and depth. It developed successfully on the basis of the educational and organising work that Rêber Apo had carried out in the region between 1979 and 1998. Despite mistakes and shortcomings, the paradigm of a free, ecological and democratic society of women was insisted upon. It is certain that if we learn the lessons of the past decade, the Apoist paradigm will be implemented even more clearly and effectively in the coming period.

In the last ten years, the Freedom Revolution of Rojava has been most successful in implementing the line of the democratic nation. In a region where all kinds of nationalist conflicts turned life into a bloodbath, the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, mainly Kurds and Arabs, but also Syriacs, Armenians, Turkmen and Circassians, have come together on this line and created a free life and a democratic administration together. They have shown and proved to the whole world that it is possible to live a free life in brotherhood without bloodshed and conflict. They did this in an environment of attacks, provocations, incitement and provocations of all kinds. We once again congratulate and commend the people of northern and eastern Syria for this.


It is clear that the freedom revolution in Rojava is, above all, also a freedom revolution of women. In this area, where revolutions take place within revolutions, great changes have been realised in the last ten years that might otherwise have taken a century to create. Women, who in the previous period could hardly participate in life outside the home and family, have become equal and pioneering participants in all areas of social and political life on the basis of a great deal of educational and organising work. The woman who has liberated herself on the basis of consciousness-raising and organising is both the creator and guarantor of a free society and democratic self-government. Despite some revolutionary developments, there is undoubtedly still much to be done and overcome in this area. We are convinced that with planned and organised efforts, these developments can be brought to fruition in the second decade.


Although the Rojava Freedom Revolution began bloodlessly, it is well known that since its first anniversary it has been subjected to a multi-layered and very intense attack by fascist mercenary forces. Many of these groups, especially the ISIS, the FSA and al-Nusra, the Syrian offshoot of al-Qaeda, attacked the revolution and tried to stifle it. Moreover, the AKP/MHP regime in Turkey has openly and decisively participated in these attacks. This is absolutely certain. The Turkish state even launched its attack on Afrin in January 2018 and occupied the canton directly after the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa in October 2017. Nine years of revolution were therefore put into the defensive war against the fascist mercenary forces and the AKP/MHP regime.


The peoples of North and East Syria and the freedom forces of the YPG and YPJ have bravely resisted for nine years in defence of the revolution and the country, with more than ten thousand martyrs. This resistance represents the hope of humanity and has extended beyond the borders of northern and eastern Syria to the whole world. It has become a free humanity resistance. Hundreds of young people from all over the world, from Asia to Europe to America, came to North and East Syria and joined the resistance, fought bravely and fell. This situation has further developed and deepened the internationalist character of Rojava. On this occasion, we once again commemorate with respect and gratitude the internationalist martyrs of the defence of the revolution of Rojava and declare that their memory will live on in the worldwide struggle for freedom and democracy.


The peoples of North and East Syria and their freedom forces have repelled all attacks by mercenaries, especially ISIS, east of the Euphrates and liberated humanity from this scourge. In view of the fact that even regular armies could not withstand ISIS and had to flee, the fact that the freedom forces of Rojava defeated ISIS on a line from Kobanê to Raqqa and ended its territorial rule is of historical significance. This has made the freedom revolution of Rojava a victorious revolution. We believe that the same attitude will be shown against the attacks of the AKP/MHP invaders and the occupied territories will be liberated.

Undoubtedly, the initiatives and efforts such as the building of communalist life, the development of democratic self-governments, the establishment and functioning of democratic confederalism through the revolution are also of historical significance and are exemplary experiences for all. The fact that the whole society, especially women, turned to self-defence training and organising to defend the revolution and the country is truly historic and very inspiring. We are convinced that all this will be successfully implemented in the coming period.


Of course, the task is not yet finished and the revolution is not over. On the contrary, everything has just begun. Major difficulties and obstacles may arise again. Attacks and new threats of occupation by various forces, especially the Turkish state, continue. All this requires a multifaceted, creative approach and good preparation in every respect. We believe that the peoples of North and East Syria and their freedom forces will train and prepare themselves in awareness of all this; they will successfully carry out all tasks of construction and repel all kinds of occupation attacks. On this basis, the freedom revolution of Rojava will continue to be a beacon of hope for all oppressed humanity.

Within this framework, we congratulate once again the tenth anniversary of Rojava and wish the people of North and East Syria every success in their efforts to broaden and deepen the revolution. On this basis, we assure that all our people and humanity will stand by them and always provide the necessary support."