PKK: We will fight stronger and win bigger in our new year

PKK called upon the peoples of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the entire Middle East, the oppressed humanity and all revolutionary-democratic forces to develop a common democratic struggle against fascism and the system of capitalist modernity.

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) released a statement marking the 41st founding anniversary of the party.

Congratulating “Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), all comrades, our people and our revolutionary-democratic friends” on the 41s1 anniversary of the party, PKK remembered the over 40,000 martyrs with love, respect and gratitude, reiterated their promise to achieve their goals and keep their memories alive, and expressed their determination to fight stronger and win bigger in the 42nd year.

Recalling that PKK is a party of martyrs that is adorned with Leader Öcalan’s freedom philosophy and ideology, the statement vowed that PKK will certainly develop further the Apoist militancy, self-sacrificing revolutionism and patriotism in the new year.

The statement remarked that PKK has given a relentless struggle in every moment in its 41 years of struggle history, confronting great difficulties and challenges, and has led to the emergence of today’s historic developments through an uninterrupted resistance based on self-defense against the fascist, genocidal and colonialist Turkish state’s denial and annihilation attacks.

“On this basis, PKK became the movement of challenges and impossibilities but not conveniences and material possibilities, and achieved everything by giving a mighty struggle. For this reason, the achievements of the PKK should be appreciated well,”, said the statement and pointed out that Leader Apo and the PKK have their signatures under all the developments that have been created in Kurdistan in the name of freedom and democracy for nearly a half-century now.

Pointing out the revolutionary resistance organised by the PKK against the international plot attacks aiming a denial and annihilation, and against the genocidal Imralı system for the past 22 years, the statement said that the PKK has smashed the international plot plan that was organised and conducted by the US, unmasked the Kurdish enemy colonialist and genocidal reality and brought the mindset and policy in question to the verge of a defeat; “With its paradigm change, it has developed the Democratic Modernity Theory and paved the way for the emancipation of all the oppressed through its women-libertarian and ecological society paradigm. The 19 July 2012 Revolution in Rojava and the developing North-East Syria practice has been a substantial implementation of the paradigm in question.”

The statement noted that the PKK has waged a great historic resistance based on the strategy of revolutionary popular struggle against the fascist, colonialist and genocidal mindset and politics in the last year, citing the ‘Break Isolation, Smash Fascism and Free Kurdistan’ Initiative developed around the Great Hunger Resistance launched on 7 November 2018 against the Imralı isolation of the AKP-MHP fascism. PKK recalled that, on this basis, the Gates of Imralı were opened on 2 May, and the AKP-MHP fascism was dealt a heavy defeat in the local elections of 31 March and 23 November.

“Undoubtedly, a crucial part of the 41st year’s resistance is the resistance developed by the Kurdish people and humanity against the genocidal invasion launched against Rojava on October 9. The peoples and defense forces of North-East Syria mounted heroic resistance for 45 days against the invasion attacks of the AKP-MHP government backed by the US and Russia. This resistance has greatly influenced our people in all parts of Kurdistan and abroad, and the revolutionary-democratic humanity all around the world. This resistance has helped the reality of Kurdish freedom struggle take on a global dimension and become such a force.”

Saying that the PKK is entering its 42nd year with the revolutionary popular struggle against AKP-MHP fascism in Bakur, Rojava and Bashur (North, West and South Kurdistan), the statement noted that the war between the AKP/MHP-led Turkish state and the PKK-led people of Kurdistan has gone beyond a regional level and reached a global scale.

“Without doubt, this situation brings about far more opportunities for the solution of the Kurdish question. This indicates the presence of an even more serious danger and getting closer to freedom. In this scope, the AKP-MHP fascism is carrying out all kinds of brutal attacks and massacres to ultimately smash the PKK leadership and accomplish the Kurdish genocide by creating a colonialist-genocidal unity in Turkey and in the region and by receiving the support of the entire system that is on the side of power and state.

PKK reiterated that they will do their part for the development of such a freedom resistance that will lead to victory in the 42nd year, and for the achievement of Kurdish democratic unity. On this basis, PKK called on all Kurdish parties and organisations, Kurdish intellectuals, artists, women, youth and all the Kurdish people to be sensitive, to see the opportunities revealed by the existing danger, to create alliance and unity basing on National Congress, and to work and struggle together.

Commenting on the latest developments in the region, PKK said the following; “The lately experienced course of affairs shows clearly that the Kurdish people, peoples of the region and all the oppressed humanity share a common fate. The colonialist-genocidal sovereignty upon Kurdistan stands as a fascist repression and exploitation for the peoples of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, and as a fascist threat and exploitation for all humanity. Contrarily, the freedom struggle developed by the people of Kurdistan promotes democratization in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and creates a new democratic world. On this basis, PKK salutes all the democratic popular resistances and freedom actions in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the entire Middle East, and all around the world. PKK calls upon the peoples of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the entire Middle East, the oppressed humanity and all revolutionary-democratic forces to develop a common democratic struggle against fascism and the system of capitalist modernity.”

PKK vowed that their 42nd year will be marked by further achievements against the male-dominant fascist, colonialist and genocidal mindset, a further development of the freedom and democracy struggles based on women’s freedom, and more victories. PKK said the Kurdistan freedom struggle will lead such a struggle more than ever.

PKK ended its statement by calling upon “all our comrades, women, youth, our people and our friends to give a stronger struggle for freedom and democracy against the fascist, colonialist, genocidal mindset and politics in the 42nd year of the PKK”.