Professor Westreheim writes about campaign "Freedom for Öcalan, A Political Solution for Kurdistan"

Professor Kariane Westreheim published an op-ed in the EU Reporter about the global campaign "Freedom for Öcalan, A Political Solution for Kurdistan".

Professor Kariane Westreheim, chairwoman for EUTCC (EU Turkey Civic Commission), published an op-ed in the EU Reporter about the global campaign "Freedom for Öcalan, A Political Solution for Kurdistan".

Westreheim wrote: "The campaign brings together elected officials, local governments, parties and movements, unions, civil society organizations, intellectuals, and others. As a kick-off for the campaign, 74 press conferences are held across Europe, in Latin America, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, India, Bangladesh, East Timor, the Philippines, and Australia. However, the main press conferences will be held in front of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Paris, Vienna, Brussels and Berlin. The number of press conferences is symbolic and points to Öcalan, who turned 74 this year."

Westreheim added: "One main reason that the Kurdish question remains unresolved is silence and lack of political action from central organisations such as the EU, UN, US and NATO. Because of Turkey's geopolitical significance, confrontation is avoided, which gives Turkey the green light to continue its policy of repression, armed attacks against the Kurds, including with chemical weapons against Kurdish areas and settlements within its own state borders, and on the territory of other states such as Iraq and Syria.

Erdoğan thinks he can only realize his neo-Ottoman goal, which is a Sunni Islamic dictatorship, by eliminating Kurdish resistance and isolating Öcalan's ideas. He regards himself as the new caliphate of all radical Islamic groups. Erdoğan showed his true face through his active support of Daesh during year-long attacks against the Kurds.

Today he does the same. With his war against the Kurds, Erdoğan creates new routes for refugees to Europe. At the same time, he blocks energy routes to Europe, which causes higher energy prices. Erdoğan encourages Turks living abroad to act against those citizens who think differently in European societies. If his war against the Kurds and their political vanguard continues, Erdoğan is damaging not only the Kurdish regions but also the interests of Europe and daily normal European life.

A political solution to the Kurdish question will not only bring stability, but it will also democratize Turkey itself. That is why the campaign for Öcalan’s release and a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question is so important for the people of Europe."