In Southern Kurdistan, the KDP is fulfilling the MIT's mission to provoke an armed conflict with the PKK. All guerrilla areas are affected by this move across the board. The atmosphere can only change if the KDP is made to backpedal.

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP has spent the last period preparing an operational provocation. There was much discussion and work during the planning. In accordance with the instructions of the Turkish intelligence service MIT, all KDP institutions have been set up for provocations against the PKK without consideration. The motto is: "Ensure the outbreak of an armed conflict with the PKK through every conceivable type of provocation. We will do the rest." Isn't that what all the events are based on? Don't the developments show that this or similar sentences were sealed with a handshake at the constant meetings of KDP and MIT?

These provocations have a long history, but the current foundation stone was laid in Zînê Wertê. One of the strategically most important hills for reconnaissance and as a base for an operation in the Qandil Mountains has been occupied. Fighting was meant to break out here, set to result in casualties. In the end, the PKK's patience prevailed.

Along with this, Rudaw and K24, who work like departments of the MIT as anti-PKK institutions of a counter-structure, have intensified the agitation with their reporting and made it a permanent state of affairs. There were insults and lies. Reports were produced to denigrate the guerrilla presence, to legitimize the Turkish occupation and to destroy the sympathy for the PKK among the population of Southern Kurdistan.

The door has been opened to the Turkish army's occupation and South Kurdistan has been made a province of Turkey. The way was cleared for the construction of new bases by Turkey. Dozens of new bases were added to the dozens that had already been existing since 1997. In all guerrilla areas, the KDP together with the MIT has formed operational units and installed agent networks that work in coordination with the Turkish Air Force. As a result, dozens of people from Kurdish civil society and PKK guerrillas have lost their lives. In the face of this situation, the PKK did what it had to do and what is constantly being raised today by various circles: It has shown prudence and patience and has declared its intentions for dialogue. It has not allowed itself to be provoked and has avoided hostilities.

However, the provocations continued. Everything was tried to encircle the guerrillas. First, armed units were deployed to Xinêre, Goşîne and Helgûrt. Then the occupation of Heftanîn by the Turkish army, supported by the KDP, came on the agenda. During the occupation, a new provocation took place in the south of Heftanîn. Units of the KDP were pulled together against the guerrillas to draw borders and cut off roads. Battles were supposed to break out, but this did not happen because the PKK did not engage in this scheme.

Then the Shengal (Sinjar) plan came up, which was made into an international plan as a result of dozens of dirty meetings. It is an occupation plan, the consequences of which we will have to deal with in the near future.

Recently, the KDP has made active war preparations to besiege Gare. This time the KDP showed ambition and perseverance in the provocations. Armored vehicles and hundreds of armed forces were meant to be deployed to the guerrilla camps. After Zînê Werte, the provocation in Gare was another turning point, but even this could be averted for the moment before a dangerous dimension was created.

However, it looks like the provocations will not stop. They will continue until they have fulfilled their task. The information coming from the guerrilla forces shows that, parallel to the appeals for calm, dialogue, resolution, respect for the regional government and the sin of "fratricidal warfare," the provocative activities are continuing insidiously and at a rapid pace. After Heftanîn, the next military operation is apparently scheduled to take place in Metîna, so the region has been chosen as the scene of new provocations. In August, the KDP stationed forces at Hill Orte between Gavnarkê and Kanîmasî. Now a new military post has been established in the village of Sarfarya. The same is true of the village of Ciditke; in the vicinity of the village of Bekulke, where units have been stationed on two hills. The already existing bases in the south of Qumrî and at Girê Casus have been reinforced. In Serê Metîna, the entrance to Çiyayê Spî, Zerevan units hold the village of Banke. Further KDP bases have been built in the villages of Erize and Şirte. And near the gorge of Amêdî, two new military bases have been built in preparation to cut off Hill Hakkari from the east and Amêdî from Metîna from the south.

The KDP does all this by abusing the PKK's patience and willingness to engage in dialogue. And even if the level-headed attitude has prevented fighting and deaths here too, what about the new plans?

The information coming from the areas concerned reveals a new planning that was made during the meetings held on October 15 at the Turkish military base in Batufa and on October 27 in the Barzan region. According to this plan, two new bases are to be built in Bosele and two in the Ecem area of Derkare. In addition, it was decided to build four bases in the Kerê mountain range. However, the decisions of these assemblies go even further. KDP forces are then to advance into the Qela Saddam area on Hill Orte, right in the middle of Metîna, into the triangle area around the village of Brifka, into the area around the village of Bazif, and into Grê Bêtene between the villages of Tirwaniş and Şimayla, in order to set up new bases there. And when these are finished, new ones will be built. One military base after another. And what will be the result?

All this shows that calls for restraint and moderation made in good faith are not enough. These appeals and the manipulative reporting of the KDP’s special war media have created an opaque atmosphere in which the KDP continues the process and fulfills its mission. And so it continues step by step. The atmosphere can only change if the KDP is made to backpedal. And this can only be achieved through a radical and democratic reaction of the Kurdish people.

I don't know with what provocation we will wake up the next morning. The KDP has planted seeds of provocation all over the guerrilla areas. It has deliberately and intentionally created this tension. If the atmosphere does not change, restraint and patience can no longer bear the burden of betrayal.