Salih Muslim: Attacks are connected to the quadruple summit

TEV-DEM Diplomacy Committee Member Salih Muslim said the Turkish state protects ISIS and targets Kurdish gains, adding: “We will insist on the resistance to defend our gains.”

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Diplomacy Committee Member Salih Muslim spoke to ANHA about the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Kobanê and Girê Spî.


Muslim stressed that the Turkish state attacks against Kobanê and Girê Spî are connected to the quadruple summit in Istanbul and said: “The Turkish state is attacking Rojava to make sure their demands in the quadruple summit are met. They aim to destroy the Kurdish people with these attacks. The Turkish state is also openly threatening the International Coalition with these attacks.”


Muslim pointed out that the Turkish state wants to prolong ISIS and added: “The whole world knows now that the Turkish state feeds ISIS.”

Muslim also said they are buying time for gangs in Idlib to settle in Afrin: “The Turkish state is trying to prevent a possible solution. That is why they protect gang groups in Idlib, Afrin and Deir Ez Zor. The Turkish state wants to point the world’s attention away from Idlib to prevent the ending of the gangs.”

Muslim said, “Global states should fulfill their responsibility,” and added: “YPG/YPJ fighters are fighting for all of humanity in Deir Ez Zor while the Turkish state attacks areas the fighters liberated from ISIS. These attacks are completely unacceptable. Global states should see these attacks as a red line crossed and fulfilled their responsibilities.”

Muslim also added that the Syrian regime can file complaints against the attacks: “The Syrian regime could file complaints against the Turkish state attacks in the United Nations Security Council as per international law. Unfortunately the Syrian regime has handed over its will to Russia and are silent in the face of Russia’s decisions.”


TEV-DEM Diplomacy Committee Member Salih Muslim pointed out that important steps have been taken in the Democratic Nation project in Northern Syria and Rojava: “The Turkish state is attacking this system. We will insist on the resistance to defend our gains. All who stand with democracy should fight against Turkish state attacks.”