Serêkaniyê Commander calls for struggle in the spirit of fighters

"Everyone should act in the spirit of the SDF fighters who are fighting in Serêkaniyê at the risk of their life, challenging death 5-10 meters before them."

SDF Serêkaniyê Commander Şervan Sason asnwered ANF’s questions on the latest situation in the city, the fortress of resistance against Turkish incursion seeking to invade North and East Syria.

The second largest NATO army has been attacking with all its might together with their mercenaries for 10 consecutive days. What is the latest situation in Serêkaniyê city that the people see as the fortress of resistance?

I salute all the Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and other peoples of Rojava, and commemorate all the martyrs of revolution in the person of those who fell in the resistance of Serêkaniyê.

The fighting in Serêkaniyê is actually nothing new as the city has been under attack for seven years. The same mindset, the same army and the same enemy launched an attack in an attempt to invade the area seven years ago, but they failed. Their threats and evil intentions against Serêkaniyê and Rojava have never come to an end. The battle going on here for 10 days is the result of this background. It is the result of a centenarian problem. We are fighting against a mindset that seeks to invade and annihilate the will of human and society.

Attacks have begun 10 days ago. All our fighters had made preparations before the launch of the aggression. Our fighters, commanders and people were all prepared against these attacks. The aggression began with air strikes and heavy weapons. On the first day, they attacked all our positions with sophisticated weapons. We took the strongest measures inside the city. All fighters of the YPG, YPJ and SDF took firm action around the city.

On the second day, the enemy tried to encircle the city over the wasteland. However, it did not work out that easily. Their attempt to besiege the city, which succeeded to a certain extent, was confronted with great resistance. The enemy suffered hundreds of losses until they surrounded the city, while dozens of tanks, panzers and military vehicles were destroyed.

After the city was besieged, they intensified their attacks against the city center in an effort to take control of it. In spite of all these attacks, they could not take even a single building during the first five days. The city was targeted by heavy shelling by land, with howitzer and tank fire. They lost hundreds of members but still did not manage it.

The industrial zone at the eastern entrance of the city has changed hands five times. They couldn’t take it from our fighters. However, now that we are faced with an enemy that has no moral norms, they have destroyed the industrial zone with heavy weapons and captured the area only that way.

Attacks still continue, they are bombing the city with fighter jets and artillery attacks that are directly aimed at the civilians’ houses.

Your fighters issued a call for the protection of civilians…

All fighters of the SDF are the vanguard force of the people. Any SDF fighter on the battle front is a vanguard ready to sacrifice their life for these lands. They act with this will and commitment. No power or knowledge can resist like this against the fighter jets dropping bombs to destroy them. They are fighting against all threats as they protect their lands and people.

How has Serêkaniyê become the fortress of resistance? How could a small borough resist such a major onslaught?

We are determined not to give an inch of our land to the enemy. Each one of our fighters has this claim and determination. We will take back the areas the enemy has taken so far. Heroic resistance has been mounted in every inch of the city. A fighter that fell on the front has been avenged in the same minute. This is the fortress of resistance. There has been no vacuum in Serêkaniyê, no position has been crashed. Every person in Serêkaniyê has fulfilled their mission for their people, country and honor.

Have the people of Serêkaniyê joined the resistance?

Civilians including women, men and families have fought against the occupation forces shoulder to shoulder with SDF fighters.

What is the latest situation with regard to ceasefire?

We can say that there has been a ceasefire in talk but not put into practice. The Turkish side has violated it and attacks are ongoing. More than 40 of our positions have been attacked since the official declaration of ceasefire. All attacks have been frustrated but the aggression continues. They are planning to take more areas and their efforts to this end continue. They have again attacked the hospital where many patients are treated, including civilians. The attack was prevented by SDF fighters.

You say that the Turkish state seeks to advance house by house in spite of the ceasefire. How will you respond to that?

We will not allow them to advance an inch in the areas where we are deployed. This is why the fight continues. The occupation forces have suffered many casualties and injuries since early this morning. Many of our comrades were martyred or injured. Should they attempt to advance towards the positions of our fighters, they will face a response.

Do you have a message for the people who rise up in four parts of Kurdistan and all around the world?

I can say this to the Kurdish people, all the institutions and establishments, politicians, journalists and social circles; our enemy has apparently promised to destroy us. Should we fail to form a strong unity and mount resistance like in Serêkaniyê, we will end up in a worse situation against the enemy. My call is; everyone should act in the spirit of the SDF fighters who are fighting in Serêkaniyê at the risk of their life, challenging death 5-10 meters before them. Artists, politicians, diplomats, journalists and everyone else should struggle in this spirit. I call upon the Kurdish people to form a strong unity against the enemy.

What is your message to the peoples of the world?

We cannot follow up with the world very much at the moment but I trust that the society, which has ethics and conscience, sees what’s going on here; a people being massacred and a society being annihilated.